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Miscellaneous Metal Finishing Chemicals

Pre and Post-Treatment Industrial Products

Hubbard-Hall has a full line of pre and post-treatment industrial products to help you achieve your desired results. Check out our line of miscellaneous metal surface finishing chemicals including acid salts, desmutters, derusters and descalers.

 If you are looking to replace mineral acids that are in short supply, like Hydrochloric Acid (Muriatic),Hubbard-Hall has liquid and powder acid replacements for picking, descaling or deoxidizing in plating operations. Acid Brite 40 and Acid Brite 340 can provide equal or better results without the use of HCL.

Three Lines of Chemistries Available

Acid Salts

Acid salts are dry powdered products, which may be used to replace hazardous liquid mineral acids in plating and metal finishing operations.

The dry acid salt performs a variety of functions such as:

  • Removal of rust, scale oxides, stains, and smut
  • Activate the metal surface for further finishing
  • Can be designed to remove light oils

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Deoxidizers – Descalers

Used to remove oxides and scales on a variety of different substrates, these Hubbard-Hall products are available in a variety of formulations. We offer both acid blends and alkali blends in powder and liquid form to meet the needs of the application.

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Designed to deoxidize and desmut surfaces after cleaning and/or etching, Hubbard-Hall’s desmutters are available as powder and/or liquid concentrates. They are primarily used on aluminum and titanium alloys, but they also find uses with stainless steel and other metal surfaces.

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