Did You Know You Can Clean and Passivate in One Step?

Passivation is an essential process for metal finishers as a step to prevent corrosion. Typically this is done using citric or nitric based chemistries which remove free iron from the surface so that the protected layer is less likely to react with air and cause corrosion.

Our experts recommend Citrisurf®  because it eliminates the step of cleaning parts by creating a single bath, making this a one step process. This is also a favorable choice for our customers because it is safer for employees to handle and more environmentally friendly than your nitric acid alternative.

Additionally, this product meets industry standards, including ASTM A967, A380 and AMS 2700.

"“I am absolutely amazed at how simple and easy it is to clean and passivate my parts with the new CitriSurf system. This year I will save over $50,000 in costs, and the quality of my parts is significantly better than I was getting with the old nitric acid system.” "

Nitric acid is very corrosive by nature, represents significant personnel hazards, and threatens property as well. It is also an oxidizer which increases risk and expense. Heated, its risk is intensified. After use, expensive waste treatment is necessary prior to disposal, and can expose the user to long term liability under regulatory agencies.

Alternatively, CitriSurf solutions provide:

  • Improved removal of free iron from the surface
  • Faster removal of free iron from the surface
  • Lower hazard chemistry
  • Environmentally safe chemistry
  • Lower cost
  • Passivated surfaces that pass all salt spray, immersion and high humidity tests

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