What if you could reclaim 95% of your cleaner?

It is possible today with Aquaease Infinity® cleaners and Arbortech membrane technology.
Additional benefits include:

• Reduced cleaning cost by more than 35%
• Reduced waste and BODs
• Reduced reject rate caused by oil saturated cleaners

Before and After

Before and After
Before and After
Left: A “ready to dump” oil saturated cleaner.
Right: Aquaease Infinity® cleaner after the Arbortech membrane process.

Cost Savings Example

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How does it work?

Dirty, “ready to dump” Aquaease Infinity cleaner is passed through the interior of the membrane.  The membrane allows the cleaner to pass through its pores while trapping the oils and soils.  The reclaimed full-strength Infinity cleaner is returned to the cleaning process.

The Aquaease Infinity line of cleaners are designed to ensure all components of the cleaner pass through Arbortech’s membrane technology.  This guarantees the reclaimed cleaner is “as new” and full-strength.

Arbortech’s membrane technology has no pH restrictions and can accommodate temperatures up to 200°F.   So, there is no need to compromise cleaner strength or effectiveness.
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3 Steps to Implementation

3 Steps to Implementation

  1. Bench test: The Hubbard-Hall lab confirms the ability to separate your process oil from Aquaease Infinity cleaner.
  2. Demo Unit: We deliver a demo unit and calibrate the process to optimize cleaner, unit efficiency and membrane porosity.
  3. Commitment: Ready to go? Sign up for a 3-year lease agreement and start saving money on your cleaning process, reducing waste and improving quality.

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