Clean Metal in Fewer Steps. Save in Bigger Ways.

Gain 60% productivity. Save up to $90,000 annually.

Aquaease 2289, an organic acid cleaner, has proven to be more effective than traditional alkaline cleaners used for splitting oil and has shown to reduce the build-up of scale in the washing equipment.

Aquaease 2289 does it in one step.

Hubbard-Hall’s Aquaease 2289 cleans, deoxidizes, and brightens all at once for aluminum, copper, nickel and stainless steel alloys. Applications include soak, ultrasonic and spray.

Bring These Features & Benefits to Your Process

Superior oil splitting abilitiesExtended bath life, reclaim with BTU value
Forms highly soluble metal saltsReduced scale and sludge in washer
Low odor No toxic fumes
Non-chelatedSimplifies waste treatment
Low corrosion ratesMinimizes over etching
Removes oxides and scalesEliminates multi-stage cleaning operations
Phosphate-freeDoes not contribute to eutrophication of BOD/COD levels
One step cleaner, deoxidizer & brightenerReduces stages, time, equipment, and space needed for desired finish

One Step and Three Actions


Watch our organic acid cleaner, Aquaease 2289, clean, deoxidize and brighten all at once.

90 Seconds To Brighter Metal


Watch as Aquaease 2289 uses a total cleaning time of 60-90 seconds to clean and brighten.

What Makes Us Unique


New cleaner provides cleaning and brightening in one step while removing hazards.

"Before switching to Aquaease 2289, we used to clean and then bright dip our small copper and brass parts to get them ready for plating. We have now eliminated the bright dip step by switching to Aquaease 2289. "
Rob Winkky
Plating Engineer
Surface Finish Technologies, Inc.

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