Clean Metal in Fewer Steps. Save in Bigger Ways.

Gain 60% productivity. Save up to $90,000 annually.

Aquaease 2289, an organic acid cleaner, has proven to be more effective than traditional alkaline cleaners used for splitting oil and has shown to reduce the build-up of scale in the washing equipment.

Aquaease 2289 does it in one step.

Hubbard-Hall’s Aquaease 2289 cleans, deoxidizes, and brightens all at once for aluminum, copper, nickel and stainless steel alloys. Applications include soak, ultrasonic and spray.

Bring These Features & Benefits to Your Process

Superior oil splitting abilitiesExtended bath life, reclaim with BTU value
Forms highly soluble metal saltsReduced scale and sludge in washer
Low odor No toxic fumes
Non-chelatedSimplifies waste treatment
Low corrosion ratesMinimizes over etching
Removes oxides and scalesEliminates multi-stage cleaning operations
Phosphate-freeDoes not contribute to eutrophication of BOD/COD levels
One step cleaner, deoxidizer & brightenerReduces stages, time, equipment, and space needed for desired finish

Want More?

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