Chemistry and Expertise for Manufacturing’s Toughest Problems.

With proven chemistry and on-site expertise, Hubbard-Hall has been helping manufacturers find process savings since 1849. Do you have a surface finishing or waste treatment problem that has stumped the experts? Ping us – we’ll get you an answer – fast.

With 170 years serving business, chances are we've overcome a challenge like yours.

<strong>Cleaning</strong><br />
the hard to clean
the hard to clean

From the extra gritty to the incredibly fragile, we’ll help you choose the best cleaning solution – aqueous or solvent. We are experts in both.

Learn about our surface cleaning

<strong>Finishing</strong><br />
the hard to finish
the hard to finish

We specialize in the tricky and temperamental. Do you want color? Do you hate corrosion? And how do you feel about strippers?

Learn about our metal finishing

<strong>Treating</strong><br />
the hard to treat
the hard to treat

Last year, we saved a manufacturer $250,000 by reducing sludge by 37%. Got a waste water challenge? We’ll be tank side to help.

Learn about our wastewater treatment

"’s an absolute pleasure to know there are still chemical suppliers who value their customers enough to work day in and day out to earn their customer’s complete trust."

Steve Leonetti, IMC Vice President
Hubbard-Hall Lab Staff Listens to IMC to Establish Innovative Process and Safer Environment for Employees

Great Products. Fast Response. Best in Class Service.

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Put us to the test.

If you’ve got a tricky problem to solve, we love a challenge. Send us parts, text our tech team or schedule a process audit. We dare you to stump us.

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From airplanes to automobiles, fasteners to faucets, connectors to car parts -
713 SIC codes call us for chemistry.

92% of our top customers have been with us for the last decade.

We lower manufacturing costs with chemistry and expertise.







Water Treatment



Our people. Your problem solvers.

We have expertise that you can trust. 32% of Hubbard-Hall associates are in tech support or sales. This means that you get faster field response. And those other people? They ensure your orders are manufactured correctly, delivered on time, and act as a continuous support for internal and external customers.


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