Our Knowledge is Your Power: Upstream Process & Wastewater Treatment Expertise Guarantees Compliance & Savings

TreatingTreating the Hard to Treat

AquaPure wastewater specialists bring over 150 years of expertise to your wastewater system with an emphasis in the metal fabricating/finishing arena.

502 companies trust us for wastewater treatment
278 wastewater technical consult in the last 6 months
43.8% total process savings
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1 simple process audit to start

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What Steps Will We Take Together?

Process Audit: AquaPure wastewater specialist discusses the current state of your wastewater treatment system.  Analysis will include:

  • Compliance: chemistry, influent and effluent, and process
  • Cost savings: chemical usage, handling and sludge generation

Equipment Review: The next step is to assess your equipment set-up to ensure type and suitability of the wastewater treatment product. For example, a continuous flow system operates best with liquid products.

Jar / Bench Testing:
The wastewater specialist tests your wastewater on-site or alternatively in our labs, depending on your facility’s needs.

Process Recommendations & Implementation:

Our deliverable includes:

  • Detailed process improvement report this may include cost analysis, chemical removal efficiencies and sludge production
  • Templates to track wastewater treatment data
  • On-site staff training for new process(es), e.g., correct dosing, testing procedures

Our Specialists Makes Wastewater Headaches Go Away

Our Specialists Makes Wastewater Headaches Go Away

AquaPure is the name of the chemistry, but it also includes on-site visits.  The goal of a process audit is to optimize your system by providing improvement recommendations and the required training for your operators.

“Having David and Hubbard-Hall on-board is like having a doctor always available to make a house call.” – OMG Roofing Products

But how did Red Bull help in the case of OMG?

Gotta Know

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