When It Comes to Wastewater, We Treat it, and You, Right.

TreatingTreating the Hard to Treat

In the last 12 months, our waste water technical staff has made more than 300 “house calls” to help keep our customers in compliance and up and running. Able to solve compliance issues in a single visit, our AquaPure team has recognized industry experts on call. Need assistance? Request a WWT Consult today.

The 2 Key Factors

The continued health of your wastewater treatment system (WWT) relies on two factors – first, the performance of your WWT chemistry, and second, recommendations provided by a skilled professional that you can rely on, every time.

1. Performance: The AquaPure product line is the right fit for manufacturing, metal finishing, pharmaceutical, food processing, remediation, mining, laundry, and transportation applications.

2. Recommendations: To ensure the effectiveness of our recommendations, a Hubbard-Hall technical expert first makes a “House Call,” an on-site visit to evaluate and optimize your WWT system.

Our Tech Team Makes Wastewater Headaches Go Away

Our Tech Team Makes Wastewater Headaches Go Away

AquaPure is the name of the chemistry, but it also includes on-site visits, which we like to refer to as House Calls. During a House Call, an AquaPure technician arrives on-site to evaluate the health of your WWT system.

The goal of a House Call is to optimize your system by providing process improvement recommendations and the required training for your operators.

“Having David and Hubbard-Hall on-board is like having a doctor always available to make a house call.” – OMG Roofing Products

But how did Red Bull help in the case of OMG?

Gotta Know

Whether it is your annual checkup or a WWT emergency, an AquaPure House Call usually consists of:

Health Diagnosis – Project Outline Meeting: AquaPure technician discusses the current state of your WWT process and reviews any potential process improvements.

Improvements Can Include:

  • Reducing waste
  • Reducing costs and/or energy usage
  • Eliminating discharge issues

Physical Examination – Equipment Review: The next step is to assess your equipment set-up to ensure type and suitability of the WWT product. For example, a continuous flow system operates best with liquid products.

Laboratory Tests – Jar Testing (a.k.a., Bench Testing):
The technician tests your wastewater on-site or alternatively in our labs, depending on the wastewater.

Prognosis – Process Recommendations & Implementation:

Our deliverable includes:

  • Detailed process improvement report
  • Cost analysis
  • Templates to track WWT data
  • Staff training on new process(es), e.g., correct dosing, testing procedures


Does a House Call sound like something you need?
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Our technical team is continually working on new products to meet the needs of our customers. Here you will discover some of our solutions for floating & suspended solids, hex chrome reduction, hazy effluent, high metals concentration, odor problems, oil in the system, foam, and removing and settling precipitants.

Start With the Problem to Find the Solution:

• Floating and suspended solids
• Hexavalent chrome reduction
• Hazy effluent
• High metals concentration
• Odor
• Oil in the system
• Foaming
• Precipitants
• Coagulants
• Flocculants
• Defoamers
• Bioaugmentation