Metal Finishing: Finishing the Hard to Finish

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More than 1,000 companies trust Hubbard-Hall and our 170 years of experience in solving manufacturing’s toughest problems. With 556 proprietary products, we bring innovative and sustainable solutions to their process, helping them save time and money.

We take a holistic view of the entire manufacturing process, from pre-treatment all the way through to wastewater treatment. We’re here to help you find opportunities to do things better and get the best from our chemistry.

The Darkest Black Available


Black-Magic Infusion is a hot black oxide process which will protect steel against rust and corrosion.

Save Time, Save Money


Examine the electropolishing process to learn why it is indeed the optimal choice in surface finishing.

5 Minute Antique Finishes


Learn more about Mi-Tique’s room temperature antiquing solutions for brass, copper, silver, nickel and pewter.

How Can Our Chemistry and Expertise Help You Improve Your Process?

Need help deciding which heat treatment or rubber curing salt is right for you?

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