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Hot Black Oxide & Room Temperature Black Oxide

Since 1937, Hubbard-Hall has been setting the pace for the metal blackening industry.  The development of Black Magic, the first single-bath blackening process for steel, initiated a string of innovations.

One of the biggest innovations when using Black Magic Infusion is your ability to reduce cost.  With this product line you can lower cost per finished part, less waste due to overspray elimination and less set-up and maintenance to equipment.

Why Chemically Blacken?

Using our chemistry, you are able to create a wide range of colors through chemical reactions. These products are not a decorative coating but a true conversion of the metal surface that won’t peel, chip, or flake while contributing little or no dimensional change.

To eliminate dimensional change.
Because blackening actually changes metal’s surface instead of simply adhering to it, there is essentially no surface build-up or distortion.  Critical dimensions remain unchanged.

To improve corrosion resistance.
Black finishes absorb final sealants and rust preventatives, keeping them in intimate contact with the metal itself longer than if the preventative was applied directly to the bare metal.  You can obtain twice the corrosion resistance of a non-blackened surface.

To reduce light glare.
Reduced light glare on moving tools and machine parts improves safety and reduces eye fatigue.

To improve abrasion resistance.
The anti-galling surface achieved through blackening lets the outer lubricating layer be sacrificed during contact and abrasion; excellent for break-in.

To improve adhesion qualities.
Because of the surface property-changing effect of blackening, the adhesive qualities of metal are greatly enhanced.  Paint and other finishes take a better hold faster and last longer.

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Cost Effective Uniform Finish

Check Out What Mi-Tique® Can Do To Your Metals!


Mi-Tique is a room temperature antiquing liquid formulation for copper, brass, and munz metals.

Creating a Cost Effective Uniform Finish


Discover more about Hubbard-Hall’s Black Magic products and how they achieve high quality.

Tight, Adherent, Highly Durable Composition


Produce true durable black oxide conversion coatings on steel, stainless steel and copper alloys.

Hot Black Oxide
Hubbard-Hall’s Black-Magic® line of hot black-oxide products is frequently used to produce a true durable black oxide conversion coating on steel, stainless steel, and copper alloys. These essentially dimensionless coatings create very decorative, highly durable, black finishes that leave an absorbing oxide layer for oils and waxes that will provide for enhanced corrosion protection.

Room Temperature Blackening
Hubbard-Hall’s series of room temperature Black-Magic® products use a reactive chemistry to form an appealing black finish on steel, aluminum, and zinc alloys. These essentially dimensionless coatings create a very decorative, durable, black finish that leave an absorbing oxide layer for oils and waxes that will provide for enhanced corrosion protection. The room temperature process offers energy savings and convenience over hot black oxide while sacrificing some corrosion resistance and durability when compared to the finish formed by a hot black oxide.

Hot Black Oxide

 Recommended Operating TemperatureConcentrationPowderMil C 13924 CompliantMil C 46110 Compliant
Black-Magic Infusion282°FUse as receivedxx
Black-Magic Infusion Powder282°F6 lb. in one (1) gal. tank waterxx
Liquid Black-Magic ABM288°FUse as received

Room Temperature Blackening

 pHDarkest Black FormulationMachined Steel ApplicationCold Rolled Steel ApplicationRoHS Compliant
Black-Magic-RT S251.9xx
Black-Magic-RT S301.9xx
Black-Magic-RT Z403.5x

Want more?  Did you ever think about antiquing?

Antiquing Solutions
The Mi-Tique® antiquing and metal coloring products are used to give an aged appearance to decorative hardware, bath fixtures, some jewelry, and other decorative accessories. Through chemical conversion, a variety of metals including copper, brass, bronze, nickel, silver, and pewter can be oxidized to produce black, brown, and green patinas. By varying time and concentration, users can achieve multiple shades of color from light brown to black. Tumbling, rubbing, or relieving the surface to highlight lettering or create contrast on designs, can create additional effects. See Hubbard-Hall’s Mi-Tique® 1792 antiquing solution in action.

Antiquing Solutions

 pHConcentrationUS 10B ColorHand ApplicationRelieving/Dip Burnish
Mi-Tique 17911.5-217%xxx
Mi-Tique 1792<220-30%xxx
ENE Brown Dip<125%

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