Are you looking to reduce the cost of cleaning?

As the only US-based chemical company with over 170 years of surface cleaning experience, we understand the factors that drive up the cost of cleaning:

  • rework and rejects
  • downtime
  • inconsistent results
  • input variability
  • chemical consumption
  • process complexity
  • wastewater treatment

Hubbard-Hall is the only company committed to helping you reduce the cost, complexity and chemical consumption of surface cleaning.  For example, Aquaease 2289 reduces cleaning steps and Aquaease Infinity reclaims 95% of your cleaner.

Be the next company to save 35% on your total cleaning cost.  Connect with one of our industry leading experts during a Cleaning Consult today.

93% of metal parts finishers say their facility incurs incremental rework costs due to product not meeting quality standards.

The Real Cost of Cleaning

The price of equipment and chemicals is just one consideration when looking at the cost of your cleaning operations. The bigger cost comes from the rework, rejects and labor that result from poor cleaning.

Facilities that follow a strict parts cleaning process enjoy better quality yields and fewer costs. In fact, they are 2.5 times more likely to achieve a first-pass quality yield of 99% or more.

On the other hand, facilities that do not follow a strict cleaning process say that poor cleaning causes 22% of off-quality issues.  They are more likely to incur incremental costs to resolve quality issues due to cleaning. 68% say they could save at least 10% of the costs associated with poor quality just by resolving cleaning issues.

* Source: 2020 study of 285 metal parts cleaning facilities. Conducted by Gardner.

A Choice for Every Challenge℠

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Do you need environmentally-friendly cleaners or are you looking to degrease precision parts? Do you have immersion, spray, or electrocleaning equipment? Aluminum, iron or copper substrates?

No matter what your cleaning challenge or process, Hubbard-Hall is the only company with deep expertise in traditional solvents, next generation solvents and aqueous cleaners. We pair the right chemistry with the right equipment to give you a turnkey cleaning system.

Aqueous Cleaners: We are the only US-based chemical company to offer over 70 aqueous cleaners for soak, spray, ultrasonic, electrocleaning, and mass finishing technologies.  Aluminum, brass, and copper alloys require extra care.  Stainless steel and steel are a little tougher.  We know the tricks to cleaning all of them.

Solvent Cleaners: We’ve helped customers tackle solvent issues head-on for over 65 years and stay ahead of regulatory changes.  Whether you need to change your solvent or upgrade your equipment, we’ll help design a sustainable option for your operation. So, you don’t have to give up efficacy and throughput for precision part applications.

Sustainable Cleaning: From closed-loop and membrane systems that reclaim 95% of chemicals to eco-friendly low-VOC and phosphate-free cleaners, Hubbard-Hall is bringing you alternatives to reduce chemical use, stay ahead of regulations, and improve sustainability.

We have a Choice for Every Challenge.

Hero Products

Aquaease 2289


Clean metal in fewer steps. Clean, dioxide and brighten in one step. Gain 60% productivity.

Dowclene 1601


Retain 95% of your solvent chemistry. Guards against white metal and water degradation.

Aquaease Infinity


Lower your total cleaning costs by 35%. Rethink how chemistry and technology work together.

As a family company, customers have always been at the heart of what we do – it’s in our DNA. So, we’re tank side, looking at industrial metals cleaning from your perspective and focused on responsive 24-hour turnaround and 100% issue resolution. It’s like having your own expert cleaning team at your fingertips.

The Great Cleaning Debate: Aqueous vs. Solvent

The Great Cleaning Debate: Aqueous vs. Solvent

Solvent cleaners are highly effective, aggressive cleaners that consume less energy, don’t require waste treatment, and offer faster drying. However, they only clean organic soils and may be limited by regulatory, environmental, health, and safety (EHS) restrictions.

Aqueous cleaners are readily available, safer to handle and remove both organic and inorganic soils. However, they consume more energy and require wastewater treatment and additional process steps.

As the only supplier of both cleaning technologies, we will give you an unbiased recommendation.  Which is cleaning method is best for you?

Want Some Proof?

An international company that manufactures deep drawn aluminum extrusions used in the aerospace, automotive and military market was mandated to change from a toxic chlorinated solvent to an aqueous degreaser because of health and environmental issues.

This company wanted to test products from several vendors and we recommended our Emerald Acid Clean #1 (EMAC1). The results were clear and consistently favored the EMAC1. As well as outperforming the competitor’s chemistry, it was easier to control.

Why Emerald Acid Clean #1?
Emerald Acid Clean #1 is a citric acid-based soak, ultrasonic, spray cleaner that may be used for the removal of a variety of soils and oxides from multiple alloys.

Want to read the full case study?  Click here.

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Less Cost.  Less Complexity.  Less Chemical Consumption.
That is the Hubbard-Hall promise.

With an average of 30 years of experience, our cleaning experts conduct on site or virtual process audits to help you get better results with less chemistry and total cost. Our dedicated R&D team, 3 labs and 2 manufacturing sites help you quickly get the right cleaner for your specific application.