Copper Cleaner: Bright and Clean Alloys in
a Fraction of the Time and Cost

How well do we know copper alloy cleaning? Since 1860’s well.

Believe it or not, Hubbard-Hall helped the Union Army keep its jacket buttons shining bright during the Civil War. We’ve spent over a century improving our products and proudly fly our flag as copper cleaning experts to this day.

That’s why when we say it’s possible to clean, deoxidize and brighten your copper in a single, cost-effective step, you know we’ve got the experience to back it up. Designed for both light and heavy-duty applications, our copper cleaners combine detergents and additives to effectively remove soils and extrusion contaminants without marring the surface of the metal. These cleaners combine cleaning and protecting agents into a single solution. In doing so, they’re able to reduce steps and costs – sometimes by as much as 50%.

How Clean Do These Become?


How clean do these copper parts become? Watch how Copperbrite brightens copper & brass alloys via an immersion operation.

Better, Safer and Faster Process


Discover how LEAN process and implementation of Aquapure products resulted in better, safer, and faster process for IMC.

Clean and Brighten In One Step


Hubbard-Hall’s organic acid cleaners reduce stages & increase productivity. Clean, deoxidize & brighten in one step.

Aquaease PL 918 - A Tech Team Favorite

Aquaease PL 918 - A Tech Team Favorite

For Ryan Catania, a Hubbard-Hall Technical Service Engineer, it’s easy to recommend his favorite product, Aquaease SL 918, to customers. It is multi-faceted, can be used as a spray, soak, and/or electro-cleaner to clean stainless steel and nickel clad, and available for purchase in different sizes. While being a versatile and effective cleaner, it is also extremely efficient at removing carbon smut and particulate

How Do You Choose the Right Copper Cleaner?

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"Before switching to Aquaease® 2289, we used to clean and then bright dip our small copper and brass parts to get them ready for plating. We have now eliminated the bright dip step by switching to Aquaease® 2289."
Rob Winkky
Plating Engineer
Surface Finish Technologies, Inc.

Copper Alloy Spray Cleaners

ProductPowder or LiquidpHSafe for BrassNon-ChelatedPhosphate-Free
Aquaease PL 714Liquid
Mildly Alkalinexx
Aquaease PL 732LiquidMildly Alkalinexx
Aquaease PLA 915LiquidAcidicxxx
Aquaease SL 916LiquidHighly Alkalinex

Copper Alloy Soak-Ultrasonic Cleaners

ProductPowder or LiquidpHSafe for BrassNon-ChelatedPhosphate-Free
Lusterclean 40 LFLiquid
Mildly Alkalinexxx
Aquaease 2289LiquidAcidicxxx
Aquaease PLA 915LiquidAcidicxxx
Aquaease 72 A32LiquidMildly Alkalinexx