Lusterclean 40 LF

Lusterclean 40 LF is a mildly alkaline, low foam, water soluble, liquid cleaner developed
for cleaning ferrous metals, copper, brass alloys, stainless steels, aluminum, nickel
coated stock and nickel alloys, in either a soak cleaning, agedip soak operations, or
spiral washer. The special blend of detergents in Lusterclean 40 LF will emulsify and
disperse soils such as lard oil, sulfurized and chlorinated oils, general shop oil and
synthetic lubricants. The other feature of Lusterclean 40 LF is its ability, when used hot
with agitation, or as an ultrasonic cleaner, to remove buffing compounds from aluminum,
brass, bronze, steel, and stainless steel.

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