What if you could reduce cost by 35% and reclaim 98% of your industrial cleaners and degreasers?

It is possible today with Aquaease® Infinity.

Aquaease® Infinity is the first co-developed chemistry for a patented membrane system.  This line of  industrial degreasers and cleaners is specifically designed for use with Arbortech membrane technology to maintain long term cleaning effectiveness, improve cleaning quality, and reduce the cost of metal parts cleaning. You can reclaim 98% of your cleaning bath and reduce waste because you’re not throwing out good cleaner  – which reduces your total cleaning costs by 35%.

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Aquaease® Infinity – Reclaim 98% of Your Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers

Industrial  Cleaners Designed for Membrane Use

Many cleaners are not suitable for membrane technology, so the membrane removes good cleaning components as the cleaner passes through.

The Aquaease® Infinity line of cleaners is specifically designed for membrane technology to maintain long term effectiveness.  As used Aquaease® Infinity cleaner passes through the interior of the membrane, cleaner separates from soils.  The cleaner components pass through the membrane pores.  The oils and soils are trapped inside, which the reclaimed full-strengh Aquaease Infinity cleaner is returned to the cleaning process.

Membrane technology separates contaminant oils and soils from cleaning products.

Unlike cleaners that are not designed for membrane processes, Aquaease® Infinity cleaners components fully pass-through Arbortech’s membrane technology while soils and oils are trapped.  This guarantees the reclaimed cleaner is “as new” and fresh, full-strength product. So, you don’t lose industrial cleaning effectiveness in your bath, ever.

Aquaease® Infinity cleaners retain their efficacy.

Aquaease® Infinity cleaners retain their efficacy.
Left: Fresh Aquaease Infinity® cleaner ready for the cleaning bath. Middle: Spent, “ready to dump” oil-saturated cleaner from typical cleaning processes. Right: Aquaease Infinity® cleaner after passing through the Arbortech membrane.

Patented Membrane Technology

Membrane technology has been available in the cleaning industry for years. But, a manufacturing environment can be harsh on most membranes. The Arbortech membrane used with Aquaease® Infinity is a very durable sintered stainless-steel membrane, so it’s suitable for the harsh environments where it’s being utilized. This technology is suitable for pH from zero to 14 and temperatures from 0 to 200°F.

Low Investment.  Immediate Return.

Hubbard-Hall offers the Aquaease® Infinity system featuring Arbortech membrane technology through a lease. So, you don’t have to purchase any capital equipment. That means you can realize the savings on day one, as soon as you plug the equipment in. And, we offer a risk-free trial to get started.

Three Steps to Get Started

Three Steps to Get Started

  1. Assessment: Tests suitability of Aquaease® Infinity for your contaminants.
  2. Risk-free trial: Demo trial to optimize cleaner, unit efficiency and membrane porosity.
  3. Lease: Sign up for a 3-year lease agreement and start saving money on day one.

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