Industry Leading Aluminum Cleaners: Tough on Oils. Safe on Metal.

Worried about over-etching, difficult stains and damaging expensive aluminum?  These are common complaints from many metal finishers.  Why not choose best in class cleaners that remove stubborn contaminants while protecting the underlying substrate? By combining cleaning and conditioning agents into a single formulation, our formulations reduce processing steps and chemical costs – sometimes by as much as 50%.

Special Considerations When Cleaning Aluminum

Special Considerations When Cleaning Aluminum

  1. How is the aluminum being used? Will a caustic soda based cleaner impact this?
  2. What’s the contaminant you are trying to remove?
  3. Is over-etched aluminum a concern?
  4. Have you thought about post-cleaning waste treatment?

How Do You Choose the Right Aluminum Cleaner?

Getting the right answer starts with asking the right questions.  That’s why we’re here. Let’s talk. 1-866-441-5831


Aluminum Spray Cleaners

Lusterclean 40 LF8-9.5
Aquaease PL 7328-9100-180°F1-10%x

Aluminum Soak-Ultrasonic Cleaners

Operating Temperature
ConcentrationNon-chelatedLow Foam
Emerald Acid Clean #11-2
Lusterclean 40 LF8.5-9.5150-200°F3-10%xx
Aquaease SL 8012.5+140-190°F5-20%x

Aluminum Etch Cleaners

 pHRecommended Operating TemperatureConcentrationHigh DetergencyNon-Dump System
Etch Cleaner 6 LF14
Extended Etch14100-160°F4%x
Lusterclean W 67MNAAmbient - 170°F1-10%