Cleaning Aluminum Forgings with Lusterlume ALB 4

We were approached by this aluminum forging company that needed to maintain or increase process speed, improve cleaning and be cost effective.  The current process and chemistry was not removing the residual oxidation left on the part after their annealing process. Hubbard-Hall’s technical team, working closely with the manufacturing engineers developed Lusterlume ALB 4.   As a result, production volumes now exceed 1.5 million pieces, a 15% increase over the existing system.

Special Features

  • For Use with Vibratory and Barrel Mass Finishing Equipment
  • Contains a Unique Blend of Conditioning Agents
  • Provides Excellent Lubricity for Superior Burnishing
  • Conditions Metal Surface Prior to Electroplating
  • Detergency for Light to Moderate Oil & Grease Removal
  • Inhibits Corrosion and Tarnish
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Excerpt: Lusterlume ALB 4 removes residual oxidation left on aluminum forgings after annealing process. Improve process speed and cleanliness while seeing improvements to your bottom line.

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