Solvent Cleaning: When Getting it Clean is Mission Critical.

Environmental Regulations or Corporate Sustainability Initiatives Driving Change in Your Organization?

With 67 years of unbiased cleaning expertise, whether your search is for a water based cleaner, perchloroethylene, trichloroethylene, n-propyl bromide or a modified alcohol a process audit helps you choose the right product, equipment and services (stabilizers & testing) for your organization.

What are the results of a process audit?

  • Improve your  process control (acid acceptance & pH testing) to reduce downtime by 90%
  • Improve your throughput to increase productivity by 100%
  • Reduce your water usage by 100% for the cleaning process
  • Reduce your chemical use by continuous solvent distillation
  • Reduce your surface tension by 3 times
Solvent vs. Aqueous Cleaning

Solvent vs. Aqueous Cleaning

Let our technical experts address all of these issues and more! View our presentation, “Being Agnostic to the Best Cleaning Option – Solvent vs. Aqueous Cleaning.”

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Before you spend months and tons of money deciding on the best option you still have choices.
Here are the top questions that companies like yours ask us about what’s available.
  1. What will it cost? Per gallon, per part or total cost
  2. What contamination can be cleaned? Polar soils? Non-polar soils?
  3. Is the solvent safe? What about regulations? OSHA, EPA, State?
  4. What about performance? Can solvents meet cleaning specs?
  5. What about drying the parts?
  6. How much space or how many square feet are required?
  7. What equipment is needed and what will it cost?
  8. What solvents are available?
Instead of being told or sold whatever the vendor recommends, you need someone to provide answers to these questions and consult of what is best suited for your situation.


Compare Your Options

Cleaning ChemistryFlash Point (C/F)Exposure (ppm)VOCBoiling Point (C/F)Liquid DensitySurface Tension(Kb) value
N -Propyl BromideNone0.1Non-exempt71/1601.3425.0125.0
HFC (Vertrel XF)None200Exempt54/1291.5813.29.0
Tergo MCFNone2001178117/2431.2821.0>100
HFE 7100 ( Novec Fluid)None750Exempt61/1421.5113.610.0
Modified Alcohol (Dowclene 1601)59/138200Non-exempt170/3380.8726.6N/A
Isopar L53/127177Non-exempt-180/-2920.7623.026.0
Solstice PFNone800Exempt19/661.2612.725