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Real Solutions to Real Problems

One of the benefits of being in business for so long is that chances are we have seen your problem or one very similar before.  When our team of technical experts come on the scene, they rely a long list of experiences and skills developed over 6 generations.  This combined with innovative thinking and a lean perspective will help to optimize your process.  Check out some of our case studies, or maybe become one of them. Your success is our success.

Brighten Brass with Aquaease 2289

As a leader in industrial and oil heating nozzles, this company provides significant reductions in combustion pollutants for cleaner air and contribute to the reduction of carbon and soot helping to retain set up efficiencies and extend maintenance cycles.

In-Line Paint Stripping with Aquastrip

Integrating the stripping process into the powder coating line has reduced rejection rates, provided for a more consistent, uniform and reliable coating on the faucets and fixtures.

Reuse Masking Materials with Aquastrip ACB

By adding Aquastrip ACB to their process, companies can reuse their masking plugs allowing them to save money, improve profitability and satisfy the need for environmental and most importantly economic sustainability.

Process Audit Improves Cleanliness of Copper Anodes

Through exceptional customer service and continuous and timely support, Hubbard-Hall provided solutions for IMC that resulted in better, safer, and faster processes for their cleaning and waste water treatment processes.

Clean Aluminum Extrusions with Emerald Acid Clean #1

Emerald Acid Clean #1 - a citric acid-based soak, ultrasonic, spray cleaner that may be used for the removal of a variety of soils and oxides - outperformed the competitor’s chemistry and it was easier to control for an international company that manufactures deep drawn aluminum extrusions used in the aerospace, automotive and military market.

Reduce Zinc in Wastewater with an AquaPure House Call

OMG, a giant in the fastening business, reduced the level of contaminants, principally zinc, from 2.3 ppm to 0.23 ppm, well below the regulated requirements of city and state agencies.

Cleaning Aluminum Forgings with Lusterlume ALB 4

Lusterlume ALB 4 removes residual oxidation left on aluminum forgings after annealing process. Improve process speed and cleanliness while seeing improvements to your bottom line.

Metal Treatment and Hex Chrome Reduction with AquaPure

A well known military metal finishing operation in Pennsylvania was having trouble treating hexavalent chromate rinses that also had cadmium in them. Our team of experts set the system up to treat both the hex chrome and cadmium bearing rinses in the same tank.

Eliminate Use of Trichloroethylene with Hubtron PB

Hubtron PB has replaced the previous solvent and the overall employee exposure to toxins has been significantly reduced.