Ecoater Gets 200% More Use of Paint Stripper at 40% Savings

Did you know using the right chemicals can greatly improve your processes?

We were approached by an electrocoater who’s paint stripping line was not running efficiently. After working with their previous supplier they realized they were overspending and wasting time trying to recharge the bath and chemistry. Learn how they were able benefit from having Hubbard-Hall analyze their process.

By changing to Aquastrip 1200 and Aquastrip BCA 10 the customer:

  • Doubled the longevity of their bath.
  • Increased process efficiency.
  • Achieved significant chemical cost savings.
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced strip times by 30%.
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Excerpt: By analyzing and adapting their paint stripping process to include Aquastrip, this electrocoater was able to save time and money.

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