Recycle or Reuse? A Money Savings Comparison with Aquastrip ACB

Add it up… How much do you spend on masking materials every year? It could easily be between $5,000 to $50,000, or more. Although the use of these materials is necessary, they offer little additional value to your products and are simply an expense.

Aquastrip ACB could provide an easy and painless way to drive that expense right to your bottom line. Our experience has shown companies that powder coat, electro-coat and paint can save up to 85% of their annual expense of masking materials and plugs by reusing them after stripping with Aquastrip ACB.


  • Contains non-hazardous solvents for a safer work environment
  • Can be used on most metals so you can strip your parts, too
  • Biodegradable for easier waste treatment
  • Strip masking materials up to 6-7 times… and produce less waste
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Excerpt: By adding Aquastrip ACB to their process, companies can reuse their masking plugs allowing them to save money, improve profitability and satisfy the need for environmental and most importantly economic sustainability.

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