Keys to Electropolish Success

The Challenge 
In business for 60 years, Control Electropolishing enjoys an enduring reputation for excellence. The company has always looked for more than just products in their business partnerships. In acquiring Control’s previous supplier, Hubbard-Hall was challenged to build a new relationship while helping Control maintain its high standards of excellence.
The Approach
As a multi-generational family business itself, Hubbard-Hall understands the importance of close and longstanding relationships.  We immediately invested time in understanding Control Electropolishing’s business and processes looking for opportunities to help them continue to improve wherever possible.
“We specialize in high-precision components,” says Manuel Acosta, Director of Operations at Control. “Ours is a very delicate process, and not everyone can do it… there are times when we are taking off 1/10,000th of an inch of material.” The company’s clients come from the medical device, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries – all known for very exacting requirements.
On site at Control, Hubbard-Hall’s experts audited the entire facility and process from degreasing and descaling through electropolishing, rinses, neutralization and wastewater treatment. Through product reviews, testing and consultation, we were able to provide a collection of products optimally designed to meet Control’s needs, these include:
ENE Electropolish #9 – electrolyte, a stable and easily controlled solution readily adaptable to obtain the many advantages inherent in the electropolishing process.
Ultrex AS 181 W – a highly-alkaline soak cleaner that is formulated especially for steel and copper to provide excellent removal of oils and grease.
Aquapure AN Clear – a liquid anionic flocculent for wastewater treatment that is designed for use in settling suspended precipitates.
The Outcome
For CEO Nancy Zapata-Acosta, consistency has been the hallmark for how she has run her family business. Today Nancy’s daughter Lina De La Cruz is also involved. “We always look carefully at how we grow the business.
We want to make sure we are taking care of our existing customers who have been with us a long time,” she says.
In Hubbard-Hall, Control Electropolishing found that same shared commitment to client service. We are proud to have played a part in helping Control Electropolishing expand 10-fold since 2010 and look forward to continuing to help them for years ahead.
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Excerpt: Control Electropolishing in Brooklyn, New York, has been in business for over 60 years, and one thing has remained fairly consistent in that time: a commitment to excellence in how they electropolish parts, and the chemical solutions that they use to get there.
80% of the work they perform is for the medical industry. The recent Coronavirus pandemic has started talks of more medical and surgical equipment being reshored back to the U.S., which might increase the workload for shops who perform electropolishing here.

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