Rejuvenating a Trickling Filter System to Remove Fats, Oils, and Grease

A wastewater treatment system faced excessive fat, oil, and grease buildup due to a broken trickle filter. Hubbard-Hall’s Aquapure team focused on rejuvenating the pretreatment system, ultimately getting the trickle filter up and running after a lengthy idle period. The team spent 30 days seeding the system to achieve a healthy biomass, using Aquapure Bio 20 and Aquapure Bio 230 to promote microbial growth and effectively degrade hydrocarbon industrial wastes.

  • Aquapure Bio 20: Broad spectrum of microbial cultures for hydrocarbon waste degradation.
  • Aquapure Bio 230: Balanced blend of inorganic salts for optimal biomass growth conditions.
  • After 30 days of seeding, the system consistently maintained reportable data below 2 mg/L.
  • Despite a cleaner spill in August, the biomass remained healthy, with fat, oil, and gas levels returning below two mg/L within a week.

Download the case study to read how the excessive fat, oil, and grease buildup was combated by the chemistry of Hubbard-Hall.

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Excerpt: A manufacturer’s trickling filter had not been working properly for quite some time when they decided to call in Hubbard-Hall to review the pretreatment part of the system and try to get it to work properly so that it could treat the fat, oil, and grease in its wastewater treatment system.

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