If the shoe fits, remove the adhesives and glue from the stamping molds.

A Taiwanese-based shoe manufacturer struggled with adhesive buildup on its stamping molds, which caused delays and increased labor costs. Six employees were dedicated to manually scraping adhesives and glue residue from the molds, disrupting the manufacturing process. The company needed an efficient solution to remove adhesives without harming the molds or disrupting production quickly.

Hubbard-Hall was approached for their expertise in paint stripping to find a solution for removing adhesives from the stamping molds. The team tested various products and determined that Aquastrip ACB was the most effective. This mildly acidic liquid concentrate is designed to remove tough polymeric coatings from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It works quickly and safely without hazardous solvents, making it an ideal choice for the shoe manufacturer.

Aquastrip ACB: Removes adhesives and glue from molds in under 20 minutes.

Download the case study to learn more about the benefits of Aquastrip ACB and the cost efficiency it created for this shoe manufacturer.

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Excerpt: A Taiwanese-based shoe manufacturer was having issues with its stamping molds for sneakers picking up adhesives and glues that were left on the material during the manufacturing process The company needed to find a way to quickly remove the adhesives and glues from the mold without further disrupting the manufacturing process.

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