Solving White Haze on Stainless Steel

A renowned manufacturer of sound reduction products for the firearms industry faced a challenge with a white haze appearing on certain stainless-steel parts after vapor degreasing. The company used an ultrasonic vapor degreaser with a fluorinated solvent, but parts machined with a water-based cutting fluid were causing the haze. The current cleaning process was inadequate as these parts needed to be welded without any residue. 

Hubbard-Hall conducted a comprehensive assessment of the cleaning system and analyzed the content of the water-based cutting lubricant. After the analysis, Hubbard-Hall installed an aqueous cleaning line for the manufacturer with Aquaease PL for the cleaner.

  • Aquaease PL: A low foam, heavy-duty caustic cleaner suitable for steel, stainless steel, nickel, copper, and copper alloys. It has high detergency, is biodegradable, removes light surface oxides and rust, and is effective at low concentrations and temperatures.

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Excerpt: Hubbard-Hall helped a manufacturer remove problematic haze from their product by giving the manufacturer a full assessments of their cleaning system and then sending effected parts to the lab for examination. The diagnosis revealed that the manufacturer was having a solvent related issue, which Hubbard-Hall solved in less than 2 weeks by recommending a new aqueous cleaning process.

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