Improving Aluminum Forging Throughput with Lusterlume

An aluminum forging company had been struggling with several persistent issues in its existing process. After the annealing process, residual oxidation was left on the forged parts, compromising their quality. Slow production speeds were impacting overall throughput and profitability. Additionally, the costs associated with their current cleaning chemicals and processes were extremely high and negatively impacted margins. 

Hubbard-Hall’s technical team collaborated closely with the company’s manufacturing engineers to understand their needs. They ultimately decided to use Lusterlume ALB 4, a mildly acidic, concentrated liquid burnishing compound designed specifically for use with mass finishing equipment like vibratory and barrel finishing systems.

  • Lusterlume ALB 4, a specialized burnishing compound, increases production speed, improves cleaning, and reduces costs.

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Excerpt: Lusterlume ALB 4 removes residual oxidation left on aluminum forgings after annealing process. Improve process speed and cleanliness while seeing improvements to your bottom line.

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