Cleaning Aluminum Forgings with Lusterlume ALB 4

We were approached by this aluminum forging company that needed to maintain or increase process speed, improve cleaning and be cost-effective. The current process and chemistry were not removing the residual oxidation left on the part after their annealing process. Hubbard-Hall’s technical team, working closely with the manufacturing engineers developed Lusterlume ALB 4. As a result, production volumes now exceed 1.5 million pieces, a 15% increase over the existing system.

Special Features

  • For Use with Vibratory and Barrel Mass Finishing Equipment
  • Contains a Unique Blend of Conditioning Agents
  • Provides Excellent Lubricity for Superior Burnishing
  • Conditions Metal Surface Prior to Electroplating
  • Detergency for Light to Moderate Oil & Grease Removal
  • Inhibits Corrosion and Tarnish
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Excerpt: Lusterlume ALB 4 removes residual oxidation left on aluminum forgings after annealing process. Improve process speed and cleanliness while seeing improvements to your bottom line.

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