Retain 95% of Your Solvent Chemistry

Improve Sustainability and Cleaning Costs
The right industrial metal cleaning process can make or break the productivity and profitability of your entire operation. But, today, manufacturers are moving away from highly effective solvent cleaning for more sustainable chemistries.

What if you could refresh, recirculate, and reuse solvent degreasers to effectively clean fats, oils, and grime from precision parts retaining your cleaning efficacy with less environmental impact?

You can with DOWCLENE™ and DUALENE™.

DOWCLENE™: The Sustainable Organic Solvent

SAFECHEM® DOWCLENE™ is the solvent cleaner line that you almost never need to replace, which means less waste – and less cost – for you.

These high performance modified alcohol disinfectant cleaners are stable, low toxicity solvents with a specific formulation for use in closed SAFECHEM cleaning systems. The system is fully contained, and can be used with DOWCLENE™ MAXISTAB stabilizers to guard against white metal or water based degradation that can prematurely degrade your cleaning solvent.

That means you can reclaim and reuse 95% of your solvent.
DOWCLENE™ is certified biocompatible according to DIN ISO 10993-5, 20091 and approved for use in medical and aerospace applications.

DUALENE™: Pre-stabilized Sustainable Organic Solvent

SAFECHEM® DUALENE™ is the new option that combines low-toxicity, high-performance modified cleaners with best-in-class stability.

DUALENE™ 1601 S is the first pre-stabilized modified alcohol developed for a wide range of metal cleaning applications. With a  built-in alkalinity buffer, DUALENE™ 1601 S has the distinct ability to bolster process stability at the start of the cleaning process,  compared to other modified alcohols.

DUALENE™ 1601 S improves the process safety of all applications. It is recommended for demanding cleaning applications with high stability requirements, such as:

  • Cleaning chlorinated oils to prevent the formation of hydrochloric acids that can corrode critical equipment parts

  • Cleaning in the presence of a high amount of metal particles, which can increase the formation of acids in your equipment

  • Cleaning unknown contaminants

Michael Onken, Market Development Manager at SAFECHEM stated:

“DOWCLENE™* 1601 and DUALENE™ 1601 S have the unique properties to remove oils and greases just as effectively as certain polar contaminations like cooling emulsions or solids such as salts, particles, and abrasives. This makes them highly versatile, effective cleaning agents for use across the most demanding, high-value manufacturing sectors, from aerospace and automobile to medical technology and precision engineering.

Traditional modified alcohols tend to give rise to organic acids, or don’t react well with sulfurized or chlorinated oils. A distinct advantage of DOWCLENE™* 1601 and DUALENE™ 1601 S is that the cleaning process can be optimized and stabilized through the innovative MAXISTAB™ S-Series stabilizers. Not only can the preventive stabilization counteract the effects of organic acids, sulfur compounds, hydrochloric acid and chlorides, it can also extend the lifespan of DOWCLENE™* 1601 and DUALENE™ 1601 S, reduce the need for bath exchange, and safeguard sensitive parts of the cleaning machine. As a result, users can benefit from a lower cost-in-use due to reduced solvent consumption and maximum process stability, even when cleaning highly chlorinated oils.”

DOWCLENE™ 16 series Performance Spectrum

DOWCLENE™ 16 series Performance Spectrum
DOWCLENE™ and DUALENE™ solvents (DOWCLENE™* 1601, DOWCLENE™ 1601-S, DOWCLENE™* 1621, and DUALENE™ 1601 S) are suitable for removing a variety of contaminants.

Want Some Proof?

Cleaning Chlorinated Oils in Modified Alcohols

A manufacturer of complex tools for the automotive, mechanical engineering and construction industry, using primarily chrome and stainless steel, needed a new cleaning process to meet the extremely high quality demands of their customers in the automotive industry. A combination of DOWCLENE™* 1601 Modified Alcohol Solvent and MAXISTAB™ stabilizers finally brought the desired results.

The manufacturer realized the following benefits:

  • Reduced reloading time
  • Parts quality that met the demands of their customers
  • A more stable process

Fine Cleaning with a Robust Process

A company specializing in the degreasing, cleaning and polishing of industrial workpieces, with ten different systems and different processing features in one of their facilities, began to see a rising acid concentration in the solvent used for fine cleaning. Regular replacement not only increased solvent costs, but also meant a two-shift interruption in the cleaning process for the machine to cool off. The addition of a MAXISTAB™ stabilizer eliminated the over-acidification of the solvent and prevented the formation of organic acids, which can lead to problems like corrosion or shortened service life of gaskets. The stabilizer also extended the bath service life.

Testing and

All chlorinated solvents contain application-specific stabilizers to avoid acidification. During normal
usage, the stabilizer concentration in the solvent decreases gradually. In most cases, re-stabilization is
necessary, especially in stress condition (distillation and active carbon recovery), in order to:

  • protect both the cleaning system and the parts to be
  • cleaned from corrosion
  • maintain high cleaning quality
  • increase solvent lifespan

Improving process stability with the right products for your needs: MAXICHECK™ test kits and MAXISTAB™ stabilizers.

Hubbard-Hall: An Exclusive DOWCLENE™ and DUALENE™ Distributor

Hubbard-Hall is an exclusive North American distributor of the SAFECHEM DOWCLENE™ and DUALENE™ line of modified alcohols. This long term partnership combines SAFECHEM’s pioneering vapor degreasing innovation with Hubbard-Hall’s 170 years of cleaning expertise to offer North American companies specific recommendations for your unique cleaning requirements.

Stocked In The US
All DOWCLENE™ and DUALENE™ 1600 series of modified alcohols are stocked in ISO 9001-2015 certified locations the US and readily available for immediate delivery.

Local Expertise
Hubbard-Hall experts bring an average of 30 years of experience each to solve your toughest cleaning challenge