Get The Right Cleaning Solvent Alternative

Are you looking to replace traditional solvents like N-Propyl Bromide (NPB), Trichloroethylene (TCE), and perchloroethylene (PCE/ PERC) for metal parts cleaning and degreasing?

Hubbard-Hall has been tackling solvent issues head-on for nearly 70 years and offers both aqueous and solvent chemistries. So, whether you want a lower-impact solvent or need get out of solvents altogether, we have the right cleaner for you. We even offer an on-site cleaning audit to help you find the right alternative.

Learn More About Solvent Replacement

Overview on Regulatory Status of Halogenated Solvents


Learn about NPB and TCE regulations, replacement, and sustainable use.

nPB Replacement:
The Holistic Approach


Hubbard-Hall experts talk about when to use solvents or replace with an aqueous cleaner.

Proper Training Leads to More Reliable Process


See how HH experts helped a metal finisher with their vacuum degreasing system.

Which is the Right Choice for You?

Next-Gen Solvents


Dowclene™: reclaimable modified alcohols
Dualene™: pre-stabilized modified alcohols
Opteon™: precision cleaning fluids

Aqueous Cleaners


70+ water-based chemistries for any soil, substrate or cleaning process.

Still have questions about solvent replacement? Ask our experts.

Delivering Far More Than Just Chemicals

Delivering Far More Than Just Chemicals

Surviving and thriving for generations in business requires a focus on quality products and services. It also is critical to understand what the customers’ needs and expects and that is when a relationship can flourish. For Chris Tivnan, Hubbard-Hall’s Solvent Sales Specialist, his commitment to those customers go well beyond the call of duty. “In this business we build relationships,” emphasizes Chris. “Over time, my customers become my colleagues and I don’t want to let them down.” This commitment is something Chris says, “Is typical for anyone from Hubbard-Hall. We all respond that way.”

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