Pre-Treatment: Love the Products You Make? Treat Them Right.

A lot of hard work and pride go into the products you make. Giving them the right pre-treatment means the finished piece will be the best it can be. Better coverage, better corrosion protection. For over 40 years we’ve been refining our line of iron, zinc, manganese-based phosphate and our zirconium coatings to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to provide a corrosion-resistant base coat, improve paint adhesion, help with cold forming or minimize wear, we can help.

Working together, we’ll find the best solution and apply it in the most cost-effective way possible.

Why Zirconium Conversion Coating?

Why Zirconium Conversion Coating?

  • Effective at room temperature for energy savings.
  • Less sludge & no regulated heavy metals for reduced waste.
  • Increased corrosion protection.
  • Low foaming.
  • Short contact time needed: 15-30 seconds.

How do you choose the right phosphate pre-treatment process?

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Iron Phosphate Coating

Iron phosphates produce an amorphous coating that, when applied to the base substrate, becomes a receptive surface for painting and contributes to the overall improvement in quality of the painted part. Some iron phosphates also exhibit synergistic properties with traditional corrosion inhibitors to provide economical storage protection from corrosion.

 pHRecommended Operating TemperatureConcentrationSoak TimeFluoride-Free
Hubfos 1504.4110-170°F4%0.5-3 min.x
Mi-Phos 264-590-175°F4%0.5-5 min.

Manganese Phosphate Coating

Manganese phosphates are applied by immersion to mild steel alloys for wear resistance/lubrication.

 pHRecommended Operating TemperatureConcentrationSoak TimeWater Soluble
Mi-Phos M-5NA200-210°F6%1-2 hrs.x

Zinc Phosphate Coatings

Zinc Phosphates are available in a wide range of coating weights and crystal sizes. Depending on the type of crystal structure these coatings provide the following uses: base for paint adhesion, corrosion resistance coating and an aid to cold forming.

 pHRecommended Operating TemperatureConcentrationSoak TimeWater-soluble
Mi-Phos Z-22190-200°F6%15-30 min.x
Mi-Phos Z-101180-185°F6%1-5 min.x

Phosphate-Free Conversion Coatings

Hubbard-Hall’s Emerald Paint-Prep line of low temperature, phosphate free, water soluble conversion coatings offer a cost effective alternative to iron phosphate. Formulated to replace traditional iron phosphates, these coatings can reduce energy usage and environmental concerns, while increasing corrosion protection.

 pHRecommended Operating TemperatureConcentrationSoak TimeSpray wand application
Emerald Paint Prep 380 NP<3Ambient2-4%15-60 sec.
Emerald Paint Prep 389 NP<580-110°F1-5%NAx
Emerald Paint Prep 390 LT<3Ambient2-4%15-30 sec.
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