Strip Paint. Recover Parts. Save Time & Money.

Mistakes happen, and parts get rejected, but within difficulty lies opportunity. Taking on challenges is what we do best. Hubbard-Hall’s expert team can help you successfully strip even the toughest paints and coatings. We’ll help you save components, time, and money all while minimizing environmental impact. Designed for multiple metal and non-metal substrates, we offer various pH formulas designed for a range of temperatures and in several concentrations. Side-by-side on your line, our team will work with yours to identify the right solutions and help you apply them in the most efficient ways possible.


Advanced Paint Stripping Technology Removes The Most Difficult Coatings

Our line of rapid and effective paint stripping chemicals are free of chlorinated solvents and phenols. With an emphasis on the environment, these products include alkaline, acidic, hydrogen peroxide and other organic based products.

What To Expect From Aquastrip

  • Multiple substrate options
  • Low operating temperatures
  • Low pH formulas available
  • Varied solution concentrates
  • Extended bath life
  • Environmentally-friendly

Why Does It Matter

  • Recover rejected parts to reapply desired coating
  • Reuse masking material and plugs
  • Sustainably remanufacture aluminum alloy wheels
  • Remove unwanted e-coat for reapplication
  • Extend the life of valuable automotive parts including engines, transmissions and brakes

Need help choosing the right paint stripper?

Getting the right answer starts with asking the right questions. Help us understand your problem, and we’ll help you find the right solution. Give us a call, 1-866-441-5831


Paint Strippers for All Substrates

ProductNMP FreeRecommended
Operating Temperature
Aquastrip ACBx140-170°FAll metals & masking materialsBreaks bond, removes in sheetsAqueous, acidic paint & powder stripper for all substrates
Aquastrip 1200x150-200°FFerrous MetalsDissolvesAlkaline paint stripper for ferrous substrates
Aquastrip WS-1150-200°FAll metalsDissolvesAlkaline liquid paint stripper, safe on all metals

Paint Stripping Product List

Aquastrip 1200Alkaline paint & powder stripper for ferrous substrates
Excellent for Stripping Hooks & Racks
Aquastrip ACBAqueous, Acidic Paint & Powder Stripper for Various Substrates
Excellent for masking materials & military CARC coatings
Aquastrip ACB Acid AdditiveAcid Replenisher for Aquastrip ACB
Aquastrip XCELAlkaline paint & powder stripper for various substrates
REACH Approved Raw Materials
Aquastrip MPSAlkaline stripper for epoxy hybrid & polyester powder coats for all substrates
Aquastrip THXMildly acidic stripper for polyurethane & epoxy powder paints
Aquastrip 680Lacquer stripper & Floor wax stripper
Aquastrip WS-1Alkaline liquid concentrate to remove powder and acrylic coating from all metal types.
First choice when choosing a paint stripper to remove paint & powder-coat from steel and aluminum wheels.