Custom Blends, Lab Analysis & Hazcom Storage

Hubbard-Hall Staff Averages 30 Years of Experience

Did you ever wish your chemical supplier could also help you with analysis and custom formulations. Or, might you benefit from access to chemical experts who average 30 years of experience?

Let us help you explore possibilities for increased productivity. With our custom blending capabilities, analytical services and three laboratories, we help manufacturers offload non-core activities to our in-house experts.

Do you need best in class warehousing & logistics service for your high-value hazardous chemistry? Our warehousing customers stay with us or an average of 15 years and can rely on segregated storage with complete lot traceability.

Chemical Services

Many chemicals are just the building blocks or raw materials in a manufacturing process. At Hubbard-Hall, we provide several unique chemical services such as:

Custom Formulations: Add, test, and develop the ingredient list to your requirements.

Blending & Packaging: Allows our customers to leverage our purchasing power and manufacturing expertise to their advantage– whether it’s to minimize the handling of hazardous chemicals or focus on sales. Includes powders and liquids in package sizes from 55-gallon drum to bulk.

Chemical Storage, Handling & Transportation Services: Designed to help you focus on other core profitable ventures.

Lab Analysis: Routine and detailed for consistent process control.

Process Audits: Designed to encompass all procedures and functions impacting the quality of your finished goods. Including process tank analysis and vapor degreaser servicing.

Chemical Distribution

With 170 years of experience in chemical distribution, Hubbard-Hall is committed to sustainable partnerships with all of our stake holders. We were a force in the 1972 founding of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), companies are committed to product stewardship and responsible distribution in every phase of chemical storage, handling, transportation and disposal through Responsible Distribution®. This program requires members to continuously improve performance in protecting health, safety, security and the environment and RD is a condition of membership.

If you are buying chemicals and not buying from an NACD member company, you’re putting your business at risk.

Lab Analysis & Process Audits

Hubbard-Hall’s analytical services and chemical testing labs can provide you with accurate measures of your cleaning process. We monitor for temperature, concentration, pH and oil contamination to ensure that you get consistent results and the level of cleanliness
required in your facility.

• Aqueous cleaner testing for concentration, pH, oil contamination
• Tank Maintenance
• Total process management
• Tracking and reporting
• Operator training
• Equipment recommendations
• Tank cleanout
• Filter Service
• Comprehensive waste disposal
• Process control
• Vapor degreaser services

• Ensure consistent results, establish and maintain performance parameters, reduce down time and rejected work, provide critical baseline for quality control.
• Reduce downtime due to unscheduled maintenance
• Consistent performance from optimal conditions
• Reduce costs with bundled waste services
• Trouble-shoot potential leaks, improve consistent cleaning efficiency
• Continuous monitoring for peak performance
• One source
• Maintain consistent quality identify issues before problems occur
• Help to identify variances in quality or trouble shoot potential production problems
• Continuous improvement with innovative solutions
• Provide increased operator safety

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