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Stripping Paint from Masking Proves Profitable for Automotive Coater

Instead of tossing used masking items into the trash, Roy Metal Finishing in South Carolina is re-using its caps, plugs and masks as many as seven times in a stripping process designed in collaboration with Hubbard-Hall’s Aquastrip ACB, a mildly acidic liquid concentrate that is used to remove polymeric coatings.... Read More

Hubbard-Hall Expands Expertise with Two Strategic Appointments in Sales & Product Management

Hubbard-Hall Inc., is pleased to announce the promotion of Ted Saltzman to Business Development Manager and the hiring of Andre Depew, as Product Manager of Metal Coloring. These strategic appointments will support the company’s growth in its lines of specialty chemicals for surface finishing and the ability to offer process expertise to its manufacturing customers. ... Read More

Is Oil a Problem for your Wastewater Treatment?

As local governments and municipalities are working to resolve the issue of fats, oils and grease (FOG) that are clogging sewers systems, the issue has an immediate impact not just on households and restaurants, but also for the industrial sector such as remanufacturing and metal finishing.... Read More

Regenerating Aqueous Cleaning Solution Could Save Time and Cost

Hubbard-Hall has developed an emulsifying cleaner that is optimized for filtration. In conjunction with its membrane filter, the solution enables users to regenerate cleaning solution. ... Read More

Hubbard-Hall Ready for Challenge

CEO Molly Kellogg is preparing the chemical distributor for a long, slow recovery.
Enhancing digital and technical capabilities will be key to success.

“Looking ahead, we’re in for a long, slow recovery. In the industrial and durable goods market, we haven’t felt the bottom yet,” said Molly Kellogg, president and CEO of Hubbard-Hall.
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Experts say U.S. Manufacturers and Surface Finishers Should Prepare for Reshoring of Medical Equipment and Parts With an Eye on Electropolishing

The recent pandemic crisis has brought a renewed call for more medical equipment to be produced in the United States, which could result in an enormous amount of industrial manufacturing opportunities, including for those surface finishers who specialize in electropolishing.... Read More

Hubbard-Hall Inc. Appoints Shelley Lusas to Director of Marketing

Lusas joined Hubbard-Hall in 2017 as a Marketing Manager and during her tenure, has shifted the company’s marketing efforts from a traditional approach to a more modern, digital and fully integrated approach that prioritizes Hubbard-Hall’s strategic product lines. In this newly created role, she will ... Read More

Hubbard-Hall Forges Strategic Alliance with SAFECHEM To Distribute Modified Alcohol Solvents for Precision Cleaning of Industrial Components

Hubbard-Hall and SAFECHEM have forged a strategic distribution alliance to supply U.S. customers with SAFECHEM’s DOWCLENE™* 16-Series of modified alcohol solvents, test kits and stabilizers, through Hubbard-Hall channels. These high-performance solvents have... Read More

Hubbard-Hall Coronavirus Update

If your facility is going back into operation our team of technicians can give you advice on restarting your cleaning bath, troubleshooting your waste stream and countless others start up questions you may encounter. ... Read More

Businesses eye virus impacts

Workplaces prepared, brace for absences

Written by: Michael Puffer; Republican-American
Photography by: Steven Valenti; Republican-American

Molly Kellogg, president and CEO of Hubbard-Hall, began thinking seriously about the impact of coronavirus in her workplace as medical experts and news outlets began ringing alarm bells.
The Waterbury-based chemicals company sent a memo to its roughly 100 employees, assuring the company is monitoring the situation and asking employees take common-sense precautions to avoid getting or spreading an infection. Employees sick with flu-like symptoms should stay home, everybody should wash their hands frequently, and so on.

Experts are warning businesses to plan for the potential of widespread coronavirus, much in the same way local and state governments are mapping out their resources and contingencies.
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In-Line Paint Stripping: A Value-Added Process

In-Line Paint Stripping: A Value-Added Process

Article posted in The Official Publication of the Powder Coating Institute, Powder Coated Tough
Written by Larry Ensley, technical service manager at Hubbard-Hall.

It is generally accepted that paint and powder coating processes suffer from the overspray that builds up on hooks, racks, and hangers. Consequences include a drop in electrical conductivity, which reduces coating adhesion, and results in a poor visual appearance.
The solution is to....READ MORE... Read More

Learning Lessons of Leadership

Hubbard-Hall CEO Shares Secrets at Chamber Event

By Harrison Connery, Republican-American
Photos by Kaylee Pugliese, Republican- American

WATERBURY — Hubbard-Hall CEO Molly Kellogg on Tuesday said she learned an important leadership lesson during her time on former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis’s 1988 presidential campaign.

Speaking to roughly 30 members of the Waterbury Regional Chamber’s Young Professionals of Waterbury Region, Kellogg said she learned the value of delegating tasks and empowering employees while working for the Democratic nominee. As part of her role on the campaign, Kellogg organized rallies in advance of Dukakis’s visits and took care of scheduling, among other work.
“One of the most powerful lessons I learned about leadership was ... Read More

'Tis the Season to Give Back

Please note our offices will be closed the following dates:
December 23, 24, 25 and January 1st. ... Read More

Leading the Next Generation

Kellogg is first female head of 170-year-old family business
By Harrison Connery; Republican-American

WATERBURY — Hubbard- Hall President and CEO Molly Kellogg knows all 67 people working at the company’s South Leonard Street headquarters by name.

Kellogg is the sixth generation of family leadership at Hubbard-Hall. She looks and acts the part of executive: simple black dress, bold dark frames on her glasses, soft spoken but confident. Kellogg, 53, became the first female CEO in the company’s 170-year history when she took over for her cousin Andrew Skipp in 2014. Last month, she succeeded her 88 year-old father Charles Kellogg as chairman of the board.

“My secret, long-term strategy is how do we work ourselves out of business? How do we help our customers use less chemistry? How do we help them make the product they want to make in the most efficient, economical, environmentally- sustainable kind of way?”
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Hubbard-Hall Receives 4-Peat Honor of Top Workplaces Award

Hubbard-Hall Inc. has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2019 honor by Hearst Connecticut Media Group. The list is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey administered by research partner Energage, LLC, a leading provider of technology-based employee engagement tools. The anonymous survey measures several aspects of workplace culture, including alignment, execution, and connection, just to name a few.

6,500 companies can participate for this honor with only 45 companies being selected for the Top Workplaces award. This means that Hubbard-Hall is in the top 1% of all employers in our region. Molly Kellogg, President/CEO of Hubbard-Hall stated, “As we celebrate our 170th anniversary, we are thrilled to win this for the 4th year in a row. Our company’s success starts and ends with our great people.”... Read More

Sometimes you need to be tank-side and get your hands dirty!

Guillermo Perez, Automotive Business Manager at Pochteca, Hubbard-Hall’s distributor in Mexico with over 30 stocking locations, visited our Inman, SC laboratory to spend a week with our technical team.

Larry Ensley, Hubbard-Hall’s Technical Service Manager, joined with Fernando Martinez in testing customers’ parts in several cleaning, paint stripping, metal coloring and mass finishing operations. .
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Virtual Learning Session: Cleaning Sensitive Electronics-What Do You Need to Know?

On Tuesday, September 10th, at 2:00pm tune in to HH's Mike Valenti’s-product manager-cleaners, MERA webinar pertaining to cleaning sensitive electronics.... Read More

Happenings Around the Hall

The newest members of our growing team are looking forward to providing our customers with more resources and faster response. ... Read More

New Website-What's in it for you? Fewer Clicks. Faster Response. Problems Solved.

Our new website isn't just looks-read more to find out what's changed and how it benefits you!... Read More

Expertise on Display in Chicago and Mexico

What’s a better cleaning choice – solvent or aqueous? How do you get lean with lime? (Hint, you can’t.) Just some of the topics our technical team presented at national and international trade shows.... Read More

Ready for Regulations? How to Prevent Costly Surprises For Your Manufacturing Operation

In the push to ensure greater environmental controls over manufacturing operations, government regulations continue to tighten. One study found that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has imposed 972 regulations on manufacturers in just the past 30 years alone. That same study found that violations have cost companies more than a billion in fines, and cost individuals their freedom – with nearly 300 criminal cases opened by the agency. Here at Hubbard-Hall, we work closely with manufacturing operations of all sizes to reduce harmful constituents in wastewater. We feel that it’s always best to have an active plan in place to reduce – and potentially eliminate – chemicals in wastewater.... Read More

Cleaning High-Value, Complex Parts for Aerospace Applications

Welcoming the challenge of cleaning multiple aluminum alloys. Recently, a leading manufacturer of high-value parts for the aerospace industry ran into a cleaning challenge – namely, the cleanliness of parts going through its vacuum brazing process. The existing process was falling short – and experiencing a high field failure rate. Compounding the challenge was a large variation of aluminum alloys and forming processes of the parts. ... Read More

The Next Generation of Phosphating Must Solve These Five Challenges

For those of us of a certain generation, we have watched the products we use and consume transform before our eyes. Between technologies that have brought changes to anything we can hold, or that can hold us; or refinements to processes that have made these products cleaner, safer, and better, we live in an era where transformation is the rule – and not the exception.... Read More

Is Displacement Cleaning For You?

By monitoring the cleaning tank and down line tanks, here are some practical observations to consider: insufficient emulsification capability of the cleaner, with relatively short service life of the working bath; oils and grease dragging down the line; poor cleaning; oily and discolored plating barrels; excessive downtime and consumption of waste treatment chemicals, all related to frequent cleaner dumps.... Read More