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Specialty Chemical Solutions for Your Unique Manufacturing Application

Safer Alternatives

Protect our Fragile Ecosystem

Everyone wants to protect our fragile ecosystem. Business people are now also asking if sustainability needs to come at the expense of productivity. Put another way: will we have to sacrifice productivity, predictable results and ultimately our competitive edge in order to be more environmentally responsible?

These concerns drive the development of workable replacements to today’s more hazardous chemicals. And while finding a solution is simple – finding ones that deliver equal or better performance without adversely impacting the environment is the real challenge.

Our customers demand that we:

  • Protect the environment by reducing demand for non-renewable resources.
  • Eliminate waste, minimize the volume and impact of toxic chemicals
  • Evaluate all chemical and chemical processes in an effort to provide less toxic alternatives and renewable earth-friendly chemicals.

Our guiding principle: Better, Safer, Faster

  • Better means affordable recommendations for process and product improvements, which may include using less chemistry and certainly involves squeezing the maximum value from every gallon or pound of product.
  • Safer means striving to find reliable alternatives that protect workers, communities and the environment without sacrificing performance or productivity.
  • Faster means focusing on solutions that not only improve the process flow – think lean manufacturing — but provide measurable productivity improvements for bottom line growth.