Precision Solvent Cleaning: When Getting it Clean is Mission Critical.

With 67 years of expertise in solvent cleaning, we take the risk out of choosing the right cleaner.

● Improve results
● Improve throughput
● Reduce water use
● Reduce chemical use

For high tech applications like medical devices, aerospace components or circuit boards, there’s no room for error. More than just choosing the right chemical, we can help you address all aspects of solvent-based cleaning from configuring a vapor degreaser to maintaining your solvent cleaner and extracting the most value from it.

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Solvent or Aqueous Cleaning?  Top 5 Issues to Consider:

Solvent or Aqueous Cleaning? Top 5 Issues to Consider:

1. What are you cleaning?
2. What is the contamination?
3. How intricate is the surface – blind holes, valuable components?
4. How much space do you have for the entire process?
5. What other post cleaning processes do you have?

Let our technical experts address all of these issues and more! View our presentation, “Being Agnostic to the Best Cleaning Option – Solvent vs. Aqueous Cleaning.”

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Aqueous vs. Solvent Cleaners

Benefits of Aqueous CleanersBenefits of Solvent Cleaners
No or low VOC'sFaster drying
No ozone depleting chemicalsExcellent for complex part geometry
Water is inexpensiveLow energy consumption
Excellent for removing scales and oxidesSmall equipment footprint
Suitable for in-line processesIdeal for cell manufacturing

When it comes to Precision Cleaning Here are our Top 5 Takeaways

1. Precision cleaning is a process.
2. Deciding on Solvent or Aqueous cleaning is much more than chemistry.
3. It is important to apply a holistic approach to cleaning.
4. Aqueous cleaning can provide more options.
5. Cleaning with the right solvent can provide a “green” alternative when all aspects are considered.