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Truex Incorporated Case Study

Doing more with less: The right partner = increased productivity and less chemistry.

truex-images-2“We’re big on reducing usage everywhere we can to keep costs down, chemistry included.Hubbard-Hall has helped us with that.” Colin Coutu, Plant Manager, Truex, Inc.

Truex, Inc. has specialized in the manufacture of deep drawn stampings and assemblies since 1976. The company offers a complete line of standard hose ferrules (or caps) and couplings for everything from garden hoses and brake lines to fire extinguishers and luxury-car cup holders.

Operating from the same location since day one, the Pawtucket, RI-based company is seeking to diversify into new markets, according to Plant Manager Colin Coutu, and is well positioned to accomplish its objectives.


Brass ferrules being fed into the Jenfab spiral washer.

Says Coutu; “We’ve been very successful in making changes to the way we do things, including customer service.”

Subscribing to Lean principles, Truex has adopted cellular manufacturing, point-of view storage and similar best practices, reducing their raw materials inventory by $2 million as well as reducing the nonessential motion its employees expend each workday. Truex demands similar efficiencies from its aqueous cleaning operations.

Truex produces 500,000 to 750,000 finished ferrules every day, but ensuring the cleanliness of deep drawn parts, or cans, can be a delicate proposition. For certain parts, heavier oil is used as a lubricant, which makes the right chemistry critical both in terms of cleaning parts and downstream wastewater issues.

Wastewater is collected and treated from all operations.

Wastewater is collected and treated from all operations.

Through the years, Hubbard-Hall has been helping Truex succeed on these scores – and do more by using less. Hubbard-Hall offers both liquid and powdered formulations that can be
matched to the substrate and soil being cleaned. Alkaline and neutral formulations are best suited for oil and grease removal.

The aqueous cleaning/brightening line for Truex’ copper-alloy parts is comprised of two washers and two rinsers, including a spiral washer. Hubbard-Hall’s AquaeaseTM PL 72 A32, a mildly alkaline, non-chelated, non-silicated versatile liquid cleaner, is particularly well suited for spiral-spray applications. AquaeaseTM SL 80 is a liquid, moderately alkaline, phosphate and chelator-free soak cleaner. And is perfectly suited for part-on-part tumbling operation.

The spiral washer provides consistent reliable cleaning with Aquaease PL 72 A32.

The spiral washer provides consistent reliable cleaning with Aquaease PL 72 A32.

Coutu says, “We’re big on reducing usage everywhere we can to keep costs down, chemistry included. Hubbard-Hall has helped us with that. Our ability to expand and thrive while using fewer resources has allowed us to increase our productivity.”

Truex continues to prove that remaining competitive as a domestic manufacturer – while also remaining “green” – can in fact be accomplished. For proof, look no further than the awards and commendations the company collects on an annual basis from local authorities for using less and less water.

Finding ways to continuously improve and reduce the cost of manufacturing is something that Truex adheres to and having a reliable partner like Hubbard-Hall to recommend sustainable solutions will help this local company remain viable for years to come.