Sometimes One Product is Not Enough

Perfect Pair 2The perfect pairings… Wine & Cheese, Romeo & Juliet, Cleaner & Corrosion Control…
Seriously, can you imagine Peanut Butter without the Jelly? Here is a product pairing guide for all you chemistry lovers out there.

  • Aquaease SL 150 and Aquaease EL 44 provide the best process combo for large plating lines, especially for steel castings. Superior cleaning of stearate lubes, and lower cost electro-cleaning.
  • Aquaease SL 917 or SL 918 and Metal Guard 850 clean parts with good short-term corrosion resistance and slight lubricity for automatic feed.
Surface Finishing
  • Hubfos 150 and Metal Guard 510 meet the requirements of 96 hours of ASTM B-117 salt spray over bare steel.
  • Black Magic Infusion and Metal Guard 560 produce a beautiful uniform black finish on steel and can achieve up to 200 hours of ASTM B-117 salt spray protection.
  • Mi-Phos M-5 and Metal Guard 410 provide great corrosion resistance and lubricity.
  • Aquamill X and Metal Guard 800D produce a very smooth (low Ra) finish and offers a good short term in process corrosion resistance (>5 days).
Wastewater Treatment
  • AquaPure Bio 20 and Bio 52 maintain low odor and promotes friendly microbe growth.
  • AquaPure I300 and AN Clear provide great metal precipitation and solids flocculation.
  • AquaPure P601 and HQ break chelation of metals present in an alkaline non-cyanide bath.

Want to learn more about these products? Reference our Product Bulletins.

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