Seen and Solved

Have a difficult problem? Those are the types of challenges that our experts thrive on! And with over 170 years of metal finishing experience there is a likelihood that we have “Seen and Solved” a problem just like yours! Enjoy these blog entries from our experts as they go out in the field and share their latest stories.  And most importantly, don’t forget to challenge us!


"Soft" Metal Staining, Post Cleaning

I work with many metal finishers that clean the “soft” metals, specifically aluminum and copper alloys.  One common, and more recurring issue I see, is staining of these alloys after the forming lubricants are removed in a cleaning step. In the push to go green, many fabricators are switching to water emulsifiable metal working fluids. The formulators of these lubes use different ... Read More

Cleaning is more than chemistry..... Again

I present to industry on a regular basis, about the importance of “Process over Product” when it comes to getting clean parts in your metal finishing operation. This was reinforced to me more than ever, during an onsite cleaning trial at a new customer this week. In this particular case we are cleaning a critical aluminum part, and a improved cleaner was needed. But it is only part of ... Read More