4 Different Types of Filtration

A lot of different markets use membrane filtration – medical devices, pharma, optical, wastewater, oil and gas, food, and of course manufacturing.  They use membrane filtration to pick what element they need to filter out from the reaction and keep the other elements working in the process.

In surface treatment, it’s very common to use filtration on the paint line when you are doing an e-coat.  You use membranes to filter the paint pigment. Hubbard-Hall has AquaEase Infinity  – a membrane filtration system to remove oil from the cleaner.

When you’re talking about membranes, there are four different processes:

  1. Reverse osmosis (RO). This is the most used in the plating industry and wastewater operation.  It’s very common to separate ions, aqueous salt, and fruit juice concentration. With this process, normal pores sizes: are 0.001icrons.
  2. Nanofiltration (NF). This process can be used for softening and demineralization of water, taking dyes from some processes, or filtering sugar from processed food.  This is a really low number of pore sizes – 0.001-0.01 micros.
  3. Microfiltration(MF). This is the process that is normally used to remove solids suspended in water, wastewater, clarification process, and also used to filter paint and resins. Also to remove bacteria The measurement for pores is usually 0.1-1 micron.
  4. Ultrafiltration(UF). This is the size of the membrane pores used on the Aquaease Infinity. 0.01 to 1.0 microns. With ultrafiltration, you can select what you would like to remove, for example, some proteins from food, and emulsified oils captured from industrial cleaners without stripping off the surfactants or builders from the process.

Ultrafiltration is exactly where Hubbard-Hall can help you. With AquaEase Infinity– a membrane filtration system that traps all of the emulsified oils allowing the good cleaner to pass through.

To listen to our Separation Anxiety: A Deep Dive on AquaEase Infinity, please click here.


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