Playing a Part in the World of Semiconductors.

Hubbard-Hall continues to expand the chemical management and distribution services for semiconductor customers by supplying high purity commodity chemistries and representing strategic suppliers with specialty technologies and products. Particularly over the last couple of years, managing the distribution, warehousing of these materials to ensure that no one is shutting down their lines. Fabricating is extremely costly, and if you can’t get the materials you need to run your parts, then it’s a big challenge. And proudly I’ll say that we’ve done everything we possibly can, bending over backwards, increasing our storage so that these strategic customers do not shut down through this supply chain crisis that we’ve been dealing with.

Where we’ve seen that chip suppliers are not able to keep up is when the automobile industry which is predominantly driven by the EV space. Electric vehicles require four times the amount of chips than a regular automobile requires. So, as we see this demand for EV pick up, there’s more pressure on these chip suppliers and quite frankly, it’s so much that they’re having a hard time maintaining the demand.

Over the next three to five years, as they continue to grow it’s critical for us as a chemical distribution company to partner with them to make sure that they know we’re there and we’re going to help them as they come online. They have no interest in building space to store these materials, but at the same time, it’s extremely costly if they can’t run, and run consistently. That is where we come in, a partner close by, having product available, coupled with the know-how and expertise in strategic relationships that we have to help them keep running.  To learn more.

Carter Burningham, Director of Corporate Supply Chain

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