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Solvent and Precision Cleaning

Understanding the optimal solvent cleaner chemicals and the right equipment is what sets us apart from the rest of the pack. Whether you are trying to remove sludge contaminants from aircraft engines or mold release from heart valves, the chemistry you choose can save time and money while reducing waste.

Hubbard-Hall has 167 years of experience in meeting the needs of our customers for all types of metal finishing chemicals. Our custom formulated water based cleaners are used for a variety of industrial applications. We can also determine the best solvent for industrial or precision cleaning, including our Hubtron PB (a specially stabilized n-propyl bromide), designed to provide best possible cleaning and removal of tenacious contaminants on all substrates.

Cleaning solutions for every application

  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Aerospace/Military
  • Medical Devices
  • Electronics
  • Precision Cleaning

Product Information

For additional information on the Solvent and Precision Cleaning products we offer, please click on one of the links below or fill in our contact us form with your requirements.

Hubbard-Hall now offers Ensolv®

Hubbard-Hall now offers Ensolv®, the original patented n-propyl bromide based vapor degreasing solvent formulated for a variety of applications including precision optics, electronic components, high vacuum components, oxygen systems and medical devices. Ensolv® 5408 is the only n-propyl based solvent approved by Boeing under BAC 5408.