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4 Different Types of Filtration

A lot of different markets use membrane filtration – medical devices, pharma, optical, wastewater, oil and gas, food, and of course manufacturing.  They use membrane filtration to pick what element they need to filter out from the reaction and keep the other elements working in the process. In surface treatment, it’s very common to use… Read more »

The Benefits of Having a Wastewater Operator

In many facilities, the maintenance department oversees the wastewater system.  However, when a plant has a dedicated wastewater operator their whole job is ensuring that the wastewater leaving the facility meets all permitted discharge requirements. A Wastewater Operator is also known as a Water Quality Protector. A wastewater operator should receive training for more than… Read more »

Do you really need a new wastewater equipment system?

A manufacturer reached out to us because they were growing and at risk of not meeting their discharge limits.  They had worked with other chemical suppliers and were told that they might need to purchase an entirely new system, something that would cost the company up to $310,565.00.  Their current system, a very basic system… Read more »

Ins & Outs of Pre-paint Performance Testing

The longevity and durability of any painted application can be difficult to determine given the abbreviated timeframe of development and manufacturing cycles. Yet, it is incumbent on manufacturers to produce coatings that exhibit resilience to time, wear, and environment factors. As such, industry has devised several methods and standards for the evaluation of painted coatings… Read more »

Metal Guard Variations to Fit Your Rust Prevention Needs.

The Metal Guard product line has been around 20 plus years now and has different variations to meet varying needs.  Here are a few questions that should be answered to determine which Metal Guard our experts would recommend. Is the rust preventative being applied to the part during an in-process step or is this the… Read more »

Considerations for Proper Cleaning for Heat Treating.

Whether you are using solvent or aqueous cleaner, you need to consider many variables to find the best process to properly clean your parts before heat treatment, to extend the life of your equipment and to supply high-quality heat treatment without any soft spots or stains on the part. 1. What is the contamination? What… Read more »

Navigating the Trichloroethylene Shortage: A Shift in Industrial Cleaning Practices

In recent times, the industrial sector has faced a significant challenge due to the abrupt halt in the production of trichloroethylene (TCE), a versatile solvent widely employed in industrial cleaning and degreasing processes. This unforeseen disruption has compelled businesses to rethink their approach to solvent management and explore innovative solutions to address the scarcity. Trichloroethylene… Read more »

Choosing the Right Cleaning Process: Navigating the Characteristics That Matter

Cleaning processes play a crucial role in various industries, ensuring the removal of contaminants to maintain optimal performance and longevity of components. This blog takes a closer look at the intricacies of different cleaning processes, shedding light on the essential characteristics that applicators need to consider. Let’s explore the factors that matter most when selecting… Read more »

How critical is cleaning in the process prior to phosphating?

One of the biggest wastes in a phosphating application is the productivity loss due to rejects & reworks. As with most multi-step chemical processes, having a clean contaminate-free surface is key to achieving a proper phosphate coating. This enables the reaction to proceed across the entire working surface area and ensures that the substrate is… Read more »

Enhancing Aluminum Treatment: Optimizing Bath Life for Quality Assurance

In the process of aluminum cleaning, managing zincate drag-in and avoiding blistering issues is important for ensuring quality. A customer case study reveals a solution that balances quality maintenance and cost-effectiveness, highlighting the importance of improving treatment processes. When a manufacturing customer consistently faced blistering concerns around the third metal turnover (MTO). Their innovative response… Read more »