Author: Megan Lynn

Bob’s Brain: Choosing the Right Paint Stripping Process for Your Operation

As its name suggests, the purpose of any paint stripping application is to utilize chemistry to facilitate the targeted removal of paint and other organic coatings from a particular substrate. Generally, with an immersion-based process, parts are submerged in the stripping solution, and the coatings are chemically removed through delamination or dissolution. Delamination is where… Read more »

How to Improve Run Times in Your Plating Membrane System

A question from a customer: We are a zinc-chloride plater and flow 15,000 gallons per day through a membrane system. We struggle with keeping the membranes running properly. We average between 36 and 48 hours of run time before we must stop and clean the membranes. What can we do to improve the run time?… Read more »

Removing Metals from Wastewater

A conversation with Hubbard-Hall’s Robin Deal Robin is a Field Service Engineer specializing in industrial wastewater treatment for 7 years. She spends much of her time in the field educating customers while helping them meet their wastewater permit requirements. When in the lab Robin is working toward finding efficient ways for customers to transform their… Read more »

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