What are Some Ways to Improve Your Process?

With an average of 525 wastewater tech consults per year, our AquaPure technicians have seen a thing or two!  Beyond providing recommendations around chemistry or maintenance updates, how can that benefit you?

  • Staff efficiencies: 24/7 days to 9/5 days
  • Cost reduction: 43.8% annual savings
  • Safer for the environment & employees: 48.9% less chemical handling
Lime is NOT Lean

Lime is NOT Lean

For many years, powdered lime has been utilized in treating wastewater successfully.  As new chemistry technologies arise, the downside of lime has become prevalent.  There are several options now available to replace lime with benefits.  They include but are not limited to: safer handling for employees, cleanliness of facility and less mechanical equipment necessary.


Membrane Filtration

New high efficiency filtration technologies referred to as membranes are fast becoming common final solids removal in wastewater treatment facilities. Membranes can produce super clean effluent water, yet the upstream process and chemistry must be carefully selected.  The benefit of using membranes is a reduction in maintenance time, thus reducing a facility’s overall down time.  Proper care results in reduced cleaning frequencies and membrane fouling issues.

In the AquaPure® product line, our team’s go-to products are: AquaPure® ACM and AquaPure® MFT.

Did you know we have an expert with 20 years of experience in dealing with membranes?