Need Additional Tools to Clean Your Wastewater?

Whatever the issue presented by your manufacturing or metal finishing operation that shows up in the wastewater, you need the right tools to get rid of the headache. Here are some of the ingredients and the “special sauce” that our team of experts will bring to your wastewater treatment system.

Metal Precipitants
These Aquapure products remove metals that may be heavily chelated or complexed and won’t come out of a solution with a pH adjustment only .

Wastewater Treatment: Precipitants

pH of UsepH of MaterialDirectly DischargeCompatible with Membrane SystemsMonitor with ORP Meter
Aquapure P-6017-12
Aquapure T-10007-1313.2x
Aquapure P 20015-1313-13.5x
Aquapure T-50012-137-11xx

This line of Aquapure wastewater treatment chemicals begin the process of charge neutralization and colloid destabilization, allowing the precipitants to quickly settle into a dense form.
All of our featured products below, use a typical dosing of 1-4 ml/gal to reduce mixed metals.

Wastewater Treatment: Coagulants

pH Primary Metal(s) ReducedIron-ContainingAluminum-BasedPhosphate Reduction
Aquapure I-300<2
Copper, Nickel, Chromiumx
Aquapure ACP3-4Zinc, Copper, Nickelx
Aquapure ICM2Steel, Phosphate, Bronze, Aluminum, Nickelxx

Designed for operational efficiency in water treatment flocculation, Hubbard-Hall flocculants assist in finishing the settling process when time is limited.
Featured product dosing is 5-20ppm.

Wastewater Treatment: Flocculants

Ionic ClassificationLiquidReady-to-UseSettling Suspended SolidsOrganics and Bio-Waste
Aquapure AN ClearAnionicxxx
Aquapure AS PlusAnionicx
Aquapure B-CATCationicxx

Aquapure Bio Products are broad spectrum bio blends designed to degrade most industrial wastes through biological activity. The formulations will enhance the removal of and the control of: BOD, COD, TSS, Odor, FOG, ammonia removal, sulfide and mercaptan reduction.

Wastewater Treatment: Bioaugmentation

LiquidPowderDegrades SolventEffective on Soil and Groundwater RemediationDilutable
Aquapure Bio 20xxx
Aquapure Bio 52Lxx