Removing Metal From Wastewater

Reduce metal discharge in water by 98.9%

What heavy metals are in your wastewater?

Our team of wastewater specialists have 150+ years of knowledge, so if you don’t see your heavy metal headache listed below rest assured someone is sure to have solved a problem like yours!

  • Copper:  Let us help you take your effluent to new lows (0.19 ppm).
  • Cadmium:  What if your effluent was 0.5 ppm or less?
  • Chrome:  How about non-detectable?
  • Lead:  Can your sludge pass a TCLP?
  • Zinc:  See how we do this.
  • Nickel:  Your limit: 2.6 ppm, we can get you below 1 ppm.

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Metal Removal Product Choices

Aquapure I-300xxxx
Aquapure AP 99xxxx
Aquapure T-500xxx
Aquapure P-601xxxxxx
Aquapure T-800xxxxxx
Reducing Hexavalent Chrome in Wastewater

Reducing Hexavalent Chrome in Wastewater

The Challenge
Limco Airepair specializes in the manufacture and re-manufacture of a variety of heat transfer components, used in aerospace applications. Chromium creates hard, long-lasting surfaces and coatings. It’s an excellent material for high-performance heat exchanger components. However, as part of the refinishing processes, chromium also ends up in wastewater, from where it must be removed.

Reach out to our wastewater specialists to find out if

AquaPure HQ, AquaPure I-300, or AquaPure 107 is right for your process.

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