Heavy Metal Concentration: Heavy Metal Headaches

What to do about high concentrations of heavy metals in your wastewater? Our Aquapure team will make a house call and help sort out the chelators from the coagulants. We have over 100 years of experience in metal finishing AND its waste water treatment issues.


How do you choose the right wastewater treatment solution?

Getting the right answer starts with asking the right questions. That’s why we’re here. Let’s talk. 1-866-441-5831


Recommended Products

Aquapure P-601A liquid wastewater precipitant for removal of heavy metals. Contains no polymeric coagulants to interfere with membrane systems. Fast acting with minimal sludge.
Aquapure I-300This versatile and unique product acts as a coagulant AND a metal precipitant. A blended liquid that eliminates the need for lime or other difficult to use powders.
Aquapure T-500A metal wastewater precipitant. Non-hazardous and very good at removing copper and nickel.
Aquapure ACPHighly charged organic/ inorganic aluminum coagulant.
Aquapure MFTA liquid blended coagulant for settling of mixed metals. Works well with Aquapure P601 and Aquapure FW.