Heavy Metal Concentration: Heavy Metal Headaches

What to do about high concentrations of heavy metals in your wastewater? Our Aquapure team will make a house call and help sort out the chelators from the coagulants. We have over 100 years of experience in metal finishing AND its waste water treatment issues. Why wait? Request a WWT Consult today.


How do you choose the right wastewater treatment solution?

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Recommended Products

Aquapure T-500A metal wastewater precipitant. Non-hazardous and very good at removing copper and nickel.
Aquapure P-601A liquid wastewater precipitant for removal of heavy metals. Contains no polymeric coagulants to interfere with membrane systems. Fast acting with minimal sludge.
Aquapure I-300This versatile and unique product acts as a coagulant AND a metal precipitant. A blended liquid that eliminates the need for lime or other difficult to use powders.
Aquapure AP 99Versatile concentrated coagulant formulated for enhanced liquid/solid separation on chelated & non-chelated wastewater.
Aquapure T-800Liquid formulation designed to reduce chrome to low levels & enhance the removal of heavy metals from wastewater in a one step process.