Reduce Chrome and Reduce Wastewater Problems

The problems presented in wastewater when hexavalent chrome is introduced requires special attention and experience in reducing to less hazardous trivalent chrome.  Our Aquapure tech team will bring our recommended product to your tank, to achieve the desired results with a minimum of downtime-request a WWT Consult today.

2 Recommended Ways to Reduce Chrome After Precipitation.

1). While holding the pH at 2.0- 2.5 with sulfuric acid, bisulfite (sodium, calcium or meta) needs to be added to reduce the ORP value by a shift of 50mV. When the change in ORP value is noted, this indicates the reaction is complete. This change happens quickly so it is crucial that the pH of the water be held tightly so as not to mistake a rise in pH for the completion of the reduction reaction. Once this drop in ORP has occurred the color will also change from orange to blue and the pH can then be adjusted up using caustic soda to 8.5-8.8 for the best removal of the trivalent chrome.

2). If you are at a pH > than 2.5 and don’t want to add acid, reduction of hexavalent chrome can be done by the addition of Aquapure™ I-300 wastewater treatment chemicals. Typical additions are 1-3 mls/gallon of rinses contaminated with hexavalent chrome but may require more. Jar testing should be done to determine the best dosing.

In all cases, water needs to meet local, state and federal guidelines for chrome removal.

Metal Treatment and Hex Chrome Reduction with AquaPure

Metal Treatment and Hex Chrome Reduction with AquaPure

A well known military metal finishing operation in Pennsylvania was having trouble treating hexavalent chromate rinses that also had cadmium in them. Our team of experts set the system up to treat both the hex chrome and cadmium-bearing rinses in the same tank. The Aquapure I-300 was used for chrome reduction and the Aquapure™ P601 was used for treating cadmium to low levels and to ensure all chelated metals were reduced.

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Recommended Products

Aquapure HQAn excellent, all-purpose reducing agent used in the classic sense to reduce hexavalent chrome to trivalent.
Aquapure I-300An inexpensive blended liquid coagulant/ metal precipitant. Will reduce hex chrome as well as other divalent metals.
Aquapure I-107Cost effective cationic coagulant that can co-precipitate divalent metals and reduce hexavalent chrome to trivalent. Used for odor control and phosphate removal as well.