Aquapure OX-C

Aquapure™OXC is a potassium persulfate solution designed to treat heavily chelated
waste streams. Aquapure™ OXC is intended to work in conjunction with HubbardHall’s
line of coagulants and flocculants. It is one part of a total treatment of a chelated waste
stream package and is not a standalone product when used for this purpose.

Aquapure™ OXC can be used for cyanide destruction. Aquapure™ OXC has the
advantage of oxidizing cyanide beyond the cyanate (CNO) stage, provided the pH is
maintained above 9. The reaction with Aquapure™OXC is relatively slow, but doesn’t
require metal catalysts. The simplicity and convenience of the process makes it well
suited to small scale batch operations. It offers a safer alternative than the traditional
sodium hypochlorite destruction process.

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