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Mi-Tique 1791

Room temperature antiquing solution for copper, brass, and Muntz metal, which produces color tones from light Flemish browns and statuary bronzes to blackish browns to black.

Metal Guard 900

Metal Guard 900 was developed to provide superior protection on bare metal surfaces for extended in door and outdoor exposures. It is a viscous, solvent-based rust preventative which can be applied by dipping, spraying, or brushing onto the bare surfaces of parts. As the coating dries, a soft water-resistant amorphous coating forms which protects metal… Read more »

AquaPure M-Bio 51

Aquapure M-Bio 51 is a broad spectrum of bacterial cultures designed to degrade most industrial wastes. The cultures in Aquapure M-Bio 51 are capable of degrading phenols, alcohols, surfactants, detergents, glycols, naphthalene’s, amines, nitriles, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, cutting oils, styrene, heterocycles, and low levels of cyanide. Aquapure M-Bio 51 will enhance BOD, COD… Read more »

AquaPure M-Bio FPAC

Aquapure M-Bio FPAC is a balanced powdered blend of inorganic salts of nitrogen and phosphorus that act as readily available macronutrients for microbes to create optimal biomass growth conditions and maintain a resilient biomass.

Aquaease SL 160

Aquaease SL 160 is a heavy-duty liquid, emulsifying soak cleaner, used in immersion applications for ferrous metals and brass. It is formulated to maintain effective soil removal over a long operating life. Aquaease SL 160 was formulated to remove drawing compounds, quench and rolling oils, greases and lubricants from a variety of heat-treated fasteners, stampings,… Read more »

Aquaease SLA 3000

Aquaease SLA 3000 is an inhibited, acidic, soak and ultrasonic cleaner that may be used for the removal of a variety of soils and oxides from aluminum, stainless steel, Monel, and other high nickel alloys. Aquaease SLA 3000 contains a high percentage of DfE acceptable surfactants and solubilizers designed to remove forming lubricants, machining oils,… Read more »

Aquapure quick drop 80

Aquapure Quick Drop 80 is a proprietary blend of clay minerals, polymer and pH adjusting agents which allow entrapment or encapsulation of emulsified oils and dissolved metals from various wastewater streams. This one–step system offers a simple alternative to multiple tank treatments while ensuring that the treated effluent will meet POTW discharge limits established by… Read more »