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Aquaease SL 190

Aquaease SL 190 is a heavy-duty liquid, chelated, cleaner/descaler, used in immersion applications for ferrous metals. While formulated to give effective soil removal, it is also designed to remove heat treat scale, and rust.

Aquaease SL 170

Aquaease SL 170 is a heavy-duty liquid, chelated, emulsifying soak cleaner, used in immersion applications for ferrous metals and brass. It is formulated to maintain effective soil removal over a long operating life. Aquaease SL 170 was formulated to remove drawing compounds, quench and rolling oils, greases and lubricants from a variety of heat-treated fasteners,… Read more »

Ultrex ES-3

Ultrex ES-3 mixed with Metal Guard 850 is a unique system, specially developed for electrolytically stripping bright nickel deposits off steel. The process combines an effective blend of oxidizing agents and buffers. When used per the recommended operating parameters, stripping is rapid and complete, with no etching or pitting of the steel substrate. The working… Read more »

Mi-Tique 1791

Room temperature antiquing solution for copper, brass, and Muntz metal, which produces color tones from light Flemish browns and statuary bronzes to blackish browns to black.