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Aquapure Foam Drop

Aquapure Foam Drop is a 100% active product that affords the user very efficient foam control and works is compatible with membrane equipment with no fouling. Aquapure Foam Drop product works extremely well in municipal and industrial systems where thick brown foam persists as a result of microbial activity. Aquapure Foam Drop works well on… Read more »

Aquapure FA (Iron Free)

Aquapure FA (Iron Free) is a liquid 50% by weight aluminum inorganic coagulant for wastewater treatment. It is designed to effectively and economically treat spent photopolymer resist strippers and developers. Aquapure FA (Iron Free) has several advantages over powder treatments including no hazardous dusts, ease of handling and metering, and no long mixing times or… Read more »


Operating Conditions: To break emulsions Aquapure EB is added directly to the cleaner or dilute solutions that are emulsified. A starting point for dosing is a 5% add of Aquapure EB with 1% by volume increments if needed. Best results are obtained when there is solution agitation on the spent emulsion. Actual dosage used varies… Read more »

Aquapure DW-45

Aquapure DW-45 is a blended liquid coagulant formulated to meet the diverse needs for clarification operations in industrial, mining, laundry, food processing and municipal applications. This unique coagulant offers the effectiveness of a highly charged aluminum complex salt with organic components for better clarification and liquid/solid separation. Aquapure DW-45 can be used to replace alum,… Read more »

Aquapure dw 28

Aquapure DW-28 is formulated to meet the diverse needs for clarification operations in industrial, mining, laundry, food processing and municipal applications. Dosages range from 1⁄2 to 2 mL per gallon. depending on the system design, loading, and mixing action.

Aquapure DW-14

Aquapure DW-14 is a high charge density, organic cationic coagulant formulated for use in systems for dewatering where liquid/solid separation is required or where oil and grease are the main contaminants. It works well to break emulsions. It is compatible with most systems and can be metered in for easy dosing. Dosages range from 100… Read more »

Aquapure DF-SI

Aquapure DF-SI is a concentrated silicone emulsion defoamer formulated for wastewater treatment in industrial applications as well as Kosher food processing. As a workhorse defoamer, Aquapure DF-SI can be used in wastewater treatment as well as process chemistry – wherever a silicone defoamer can be used. This defoamer performs exceptionally well in a variety of… Read more »

Aquapure DF

Aquapure DF is a non-silicone defoamer for wastewater treatment developed to defoam general waste streams or any industrial application where silicone defoamers cannot be tolerated. This wastewater treatment defoamer is an emulsified mineral oil blend. Many municipalities require effluent discharged to sanitary sewers to be foam-free; hence the need for Aquapure DF. Since Aquapure DF… Read more »

Aquapure DF-MB

Aquapure DF–MB is an effective non–ionic, membrane friendly defoamer for the control of foam generated in process chemistry as well as wastewater treatment. Aquapure DF–MB is a very cost effective defoamer that controls aeration generated by high shear pumping and blending. This defoamer is membrane friendly and used where quick knockdown is needed with persistence.

Aquapure DF-BIO

Aquapure DF–BIO is formulated from a proprietary base that affords the end–user a very efficient defoamer/antifoam with no negative effects that are prevalent with many of the commercially available silicone and mineral oil based defoamers. The product is very efficient in releasing entrained air and eradicating surface foam in most municipal wastewater systems. The product… Read more »