Electroblack SG

New Cyanide Electroplating Process is ideal for both decorative and functional antique and black finishes. Electroblack SG is dependable, rapid, consistent, and economical. It is designed to meet the most exacting requirements.

An Electroblack SG process is an alkaline cyanide based electroplating process developed to produce a uniform, rich black finish on all substrate materials which will accept an electroplate. The process produces an adherent coating in forty-five seconds to two minutes plating time. The deposit has good corrosion resistance, excellent shelf-life and good wear and abrasion characteristics. The deposit can be used as a final black decorative finish or can easily be relieved to give a variety of antique finishes. Since the deposit is only a “flash” plate, it will retain the character of the surface being plated. The bright work remains bright and satin finishes are held. The tone of the deposit is enhanced and deepened by subsequent lacquering.

The Electroblack SG process is applicable to barrel plating. The process is not an arsenic plating solution and offers many advantages when compared to the arsenic black plating baths, black nickel- plating baths, and the conventional sulfide oxidizing systems. The finish is uniform, adherent, easily controlled and is produced in a single step. The process does not remove metal but will plate an additional coating which results in appreciable savings when silver is being antiqued.

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