Black Magic CTC

Black-Magic CTC is a liquid blend with a different balance of the components of the Black- Magic CBL. It is used to replenish the bath after the initial charge of Black-Magic CBL.

Black-Magic CTC is designed for the replenishment of working solutions of Black-Magic CBL. The product is designed to be used in instances when parts processed have large surface area but result in moderate to low drag-out of working solution. In these cases, the alkalinity will increase if Black-Magic CBL is used continuously for additions. The CTC maintains a better balance over time.

More severe adjustments can be made using Black-Magic CB Liquid Replenisher. Titration testing would be required to bring the bath back into balance.

If a working tank of Black-Magic CBL is dumped for any reason, the new solution should be made using Black-Magic CBL only.

Do not use Black-Magic CTC for making new working solutions. This product is for replenishment only.

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