Aquapure OE

Aquapure OE is a highly effective catalyst that creates powerful “hydroxyl radicals” when used in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide. The process has been shown to be extremely effective for quickly oxidizing molecules that are very difficult to oxidize such as benzene, phenols, cyanide, MT BE, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), toluene, and virtually all chlorinated hydrocarbons including TCE, PCE and vinyl chloride (see table below). It is the most effective method to treat for odor and corrosion that results from sulfide contamination. This product is VTX based and can be metered in alongside peroxide for easy applications.

The treatment requires no acidification step, creates no sludge under most treatment conditions avoids costly material of special construction, is easily adapted to existing treatment units and most importantly, is typically the least costly option for treatment or removal of recalcitrant organic compounds.

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