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Rust Preventative

Balanced lubricity and decorative appeal

Imparting precision corrosion resistance, Hubbard-Hall’s Metal Guard® line of rust preventive and corrosion inhibiting products balance lubricity, dryness and decorative appeal. This balance can be varied by application, offering an advantage over plated or painted surfaces.

Metal Guard® formulations vary on the:

Surface to be protected

  • Type of metal and surface conditions/geometry

Protection desired

  • Days, weeks, months

Conditions of exposure

  • Atmosphere: humidity, salt air exposure, acid fumes
  • Indoor or outdoors
  • Handling
  • Shipping

Film characteristics

  • Dry, non-tacky lubrication
  • Soft or hard

Special considerations

  • Removability
  • Post treatment operations – plating, painting, welding